Friday, December 19, 2008

things that run through my mind

Hubby's home! Yeah!!
In anticipation of the huge snow storm we are about to get there is no school. I'm not surprised and kind of glad. I was going to go back to sleep but decided to enjoy the quiet and a cup of tea instead. I'll nap later. If the snow is really bad I will have hubby call bio and tell her we can bring the kids or she can pick them up when the snow stops. I don't trust her car in good weather.
Now she claims she can't pay hubby the money for youngest's fall activities because she needed it to have surgery. Supposedly cysts on her breasts. Now, any one else I would feel bad for. Her, unless I see stitches I won't believe her. Great mind game - the kids feel bad for poor sick bio and daddy is so mean expecting her to pay her share when he is so rich.
You can tell it's her week end - youngest's attitude has changed and the lying has increased. The night visits have stopped. Next week after two days with bio she will be crawling back into my bed. This phase will pass. Son's attitude used tweak the closer the visit got. He was just cranky. Now, I think he is numb. And yet, because they sprung from her womb and there are no physical signs of abuse she can see them. Ah, but the emotional scars run far deeper and take longer to heal (if they ever really do).
Oldest is happy - she has a pay as you go phone bio bought her. Oldest pays for the minutes now that she is working. It costs her $25.00 every three weeks (if indeed all the money is going to her phone). I can add her to my plan for $10.00 a month with unlimited calling. She really liked that idea. I will pick up her phone today. Boyfriend is gone visiting relatives for two weeks and I'm sure she wants to talk to him. At least I don't have to worry about him sleeping at bio's this week end.
My lunch date was changed to a breakfast date this morning. It's so good to connect with friends. And tomorrow I spend the morning at the spa. Ahhh! I have my fire department prom, I mean Christmas party tomorrow night. Sunday is the Gator parade - I think weather permitting. And I'm looking forward to lots of cookie baking this week end.


annie kelleher said...

me too me too!! i love snow days!!! this is the first one this year for us,,, its great its coming on a weekend! im sending happy thoughts that things with bio get better :)... though even i may not be able to come up with enough happy thoughts for that one! :)

blackfeatherfarm said...

Happy Holidays ! I don't envy your bio situation, frustrating at best, I'm sure. All we can do is hope for the best ! We are snowless, but right now I don't envy that either !

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