Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday was hubby's birthday. We are now the same age (again). Those 27 days makes a real difference.
It was a very early morning in our house. Hubby had a agreed to let boyfriend and girlfriend spend the night. Youngest had a friend over as well. The boys were to sleep downstairs and the girls upstairs. Girlfriend's Dad called and asked us about it. Her parents went up many points in my book for being concerned parents. I made hubby sleep with the door open and the sound machine off. You said they could stay now we can monitor them. Hubby told boyfriend that he could move when I was awake and that no one would be going upstairs before 7. They could use the bathroom downstairs. The dog woke me up at 5:30. I fed her in the dark and let her out. Now the boys were already awake. Next thing I know they have both gone upstairs and crawled in bed with their girlfriends. This woke up the two younger kids and my dragging them back downstairs made sure the rest of the house was awake. But, your husband said.... I highly doubt my husband said for you to crawl in bed with his daughter under our roof.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not naive. If they are going to have sex they already are. But, I'm not going to encourage it or sit by and watch.
So, instead of a relaxing cup of decaf in the quiet of the early hours I was starting breakfast. I made sausage gravy with cheddar cheese biscuits, baked oatmeal with cranberries and eggs. Once everyone cycled through the showers we headed to the hiking trails. It was a beautiful fall day and a lovely hike. No one got hurt in spite of trying to show off by jumping and sliding on wet leaves. And plans were made to hike some more (at least for hubby and me).

Naps were had by most in the afternoon while I cooked supper and baked a cake. The birthday person gets to choose the meal and dessert in our house. Youngest's friend said she wants to come here for her birthday and have tacos.
So, the meal of choice was spaghetti with meat sauce. I prefer tomato sauce with meatballs so meat sauce is a rare occurrence in our house. I made garlic bread with a loaf of french bread and a garlic compound butter. And the dessert was a white layer cake with white frosting. Even the chocolate lover's enjoyed it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week End Away

This past week end hubby and I went to the Cape with no kids. We left Friday morning after the kids left for school and came home Sunday. The kids and the dog stayed with MIL.

We went to the Kennedy museum, visited all the cute shops, walked along the wharf, saw a few light houses, ate really good and sipped a few cocktails.

What we didn't do was discuss the kids. It was our week end. It was wonderful!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bad Mom

First read the previous post so you know what a good mom is...

A bad mom takes in four children she didn't birth, she changes her work schedule to spend more time with them, she attends every parent teacher conference, school, function and sports game, she takes them on vacation and buys season tickets to the theatre, she provides them with their own bedroom painted in their favorite colors, she makes sure that they have clothes that fit and are washed, she makes sure they have nutritious food to eat, she volunteers to help with all of the organizations her kids belong to, she loves and supports their dad, she teaches them to cook and be responsible, she misses days from work to care for them, she takes them to all of their doctors appointments, she puts them in one of the best school systems in the country and helps them achieve their goals, she always tells them the truth, she sets rules and wants to know where her kids are, she is concerned for their safety and well being, she loves them even when she doesn't like them

A Good Mom

Just in case you were wondering what a good mom is let me tell you.

A good mom smokes through her entire pregnancy, she gets pregnant on purpose to snag a husband, she lies about everything, she teaches her children to lie and keep secrets, she poisons their minds against their father, she is her child's best friend and tells them exactly what they want to her, she never tells them the truth, she laughs when her infant son is found playing in the highway, she sleeps or plays on the computer rather than watches her children, she doesn't teach them to cook, she provides plenty of ramen noodles for them to eat as long as they heat themselves, she locks them in a closet for a week end if they do not cry when she disciplines them, she promises the world and delivers nothing, she puts them in front of the TV for days on end, she lets them watch R rated horror flicks starting as infancy, she refuses to take them to the beach in the summer because it is too hot out, she is annoyed that the school no longer sells soda, she does not value school or education, she blames the court for not having custody, you encourage your teen age daughter to live with her boyfriend, beds are optional, clothes that fit are optional, paying for anything for your child is unheard of, being annoyed that your kids had the opportunity to go to Disney you bleach their hair (age 6 and 11), you force your daughter to dye her hair neon orange (so you look more like mom than step mom), you are fired from every job you get, you are evicted from apartment after apartment, you move across country and keep promising your kids they will come visit (for years), you shack up with whatever guy will support you, you are a low class whore, your idea of a healthy meal is Doritos, popcorn and mountain dew, you sleep with your daughters and put the boys on the floor because the beds were reposed along with your car, you wear the same clothes for days on end because washing them is too expensive, you are on your son's checkbook so that you can spend the money he earns working part time to support yourself

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm back

The computer has been a little ( a lot really) slow lately. She's an antique as far as computers go nearing her 7th birthday. Then hubby downloaded something that the anti virus couldn't fight. Dominic my hero cleaned the computer this week end and replaced the dead parts of my hard drive. He also added memory. Yeah!

The kids have been good - on the surface. Who knows what evil bubbles beneath.

Youngest has outgrown all of her school clothes. I took her shopping Saturday. She picked some really neat things. They so reflect her personality. She has a boyfriend. Ah, yes in the seventh grade. They meet every morning in the library before classes start. They read the same comic book series.

I visited the newest member of the family Friday. Eyecandy's sister had a little girl September 21. I did a needlepoint for her. Damned if I forgot to take a picture. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I finally went through my tub of old projects. I thought I could recycle a pattern. But, instead I found this adorable unopened pattern. I realized it was the pattern I bought when I got married the first time. It was supposed to be for my babies. Well, this little girl has struck a chord with me. And she now has that beautiful pattern hanging on her wall.

We had a great visit. I held the baby and played with her big sister. I even got a hug and a kiss when I left. ;o) And sister and I agreed we need to visit more often. She's on maternity leave until December so I must make a point of it.

This week end hubby and I go away. Alone! No kids! And we are not visiting any one. This has never happened. One reason for that is when bio lived here she had the kids every other week end so we had some alone time. If we did go away it was with the kids or to visit friends. Not this time. Alone!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nice does matter

Annie wrote the other day about how nice does matter. I thought maybe I should read the paper more. I remember now why I don't read the newspaper. This Sunday there was an article about a mother and her daughters who go to funerals of fallen soldiers and protest. They carry signs that read "the only good soldier is a dead soldier" and "you will rot in hell." The women's father started his own church and preaches that war is sinful. Now, I don't agree with the war or any war but these soldiers are doing their job. They are fighting for what they believe in and our elected officials have agreed for us that we believe in. One lawsuit has been filed against the protesters and they lost in court. It is appeal. It comes down to the right to free speech versus purposely causing undo emotional pain. I agree with free speech but this, really?! And they are protesting in the name of God.

I can say that their God is not one of mine. If you disagree with this war show it in the voting booth, take your protests to your congress representatives, take it to Washington and the state capitals. But, to protest at someones funeral is just wrong on so many levels.

And to add to that I watched the senate debate last night for CT. Could the candidates just answer the question so that I know where they stand and not spend half the debate zinging the other candidate? Maybe it was more than half. Don't tell me what the other person does or does not stand for. Tell me what you stand for. Tell me what you have done and what you will do for me and the people of this state. I hope the gubernatorial debate tonight is better.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Dinner

I sipped coffee while the cake baked and everyone slept in. When hubby came home from work the kids started to wake up. Son couldn't remember it was my birthday even after I told him the flavor of the cake was birthday. Youngest on the other hand didn't wish me well but made me breakfast. She is now a really good at making eggs. Oldest wished me well and had a card for me that the other kids signed as well. I put dinner in the crock pot and headed to the Coventry Farmer's Market. It was my first time and definitely won't be my last. So many vendors with fresh produce, meats, cheeses and baked goods. There were also artist showing their crafts and lots of food tents. I walked out with two big bags of delicious goodness and a bouquet of flowers. Oldest tagged along and I treated her to lunch on the way back. Our adopted nephew will be here for supper along with son's girlfriend and another bachelor friend of hubby's.

So the menu for tonight ( the birthday girl or boy decides the menu on their day)

Pulled pork sandwiches with mango BBQ sauce (new recipe)
Cole slaw
potato salad
Bread and Butter pickles
Creamed Spinach (my favorite veggie)
And filled chocolate cake

The cake recipe was handed over by my neighbor when I was a kid. It is originally a cup cake recipe that my mom reworked into a bundt cake. This has been my birthday cake since. It's a chocolate cake and the center is cheesecake. No frosting just the way I like it. I might add some chocolate ganache just for fun though.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Accommodate no one

My aunt sent me a card this week and the inside said accommodate no one. I love it! It's in the air. She has been doing that lately and feeling better than she has in a long time. I've been on that path with my strike. I have no plans to settle by the way. And it has worked wonders.

I had a discussion with hubby about the truck. It was a non event really. He claimed I should have gone to work because I had it half the day visiting my aunt any way. And he did miss a fire call. Sucks to be him!

I had a good visit with my parents and my aunt. My sister-in-love and my niece came as well.

I have no real plans and yet.... I plan to make cookies and visit my uncle. That is what I want to do.

I'm dropping youngest off to go to Quassy Amusement park with the girl scouts. Yes, she has decided to stay a girl scout. No, I'm not going today. Yes, I am the assistant leader still. Her new assistant backed out. The good news is that we went from 10 girls to 4 and the girls that stayed are the more quiet well mannered ones. We can now fit in one car and we have less activities. OK, so I'm psyching myself up for another year. Though it really should be more fun this year with the changes.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Confused and Restless

Yes, my blog background keeps changing. I can't seem to find one I like. I like the deeper colors and nothing to busy but most of the templates are all pastels. I like my old format that read what's cooking in the side line but I can no longer get it to format correctly. So it may morph some more.

I went for my mammogram and ultra sound yesterday. Breasts are fine. I knew they were. I debate back and forth with myself about going at all. I'm going to discuss this with my doctor because it really is not going to be an annual thing in my life.

I stopped at the auto body shop after that to see if they can fix my car for the amount the adjusters sent. Miner damage from someone backing into my bumper but hey, I don't like blemishes on my baby. {I turn into my dad on this stuff} They said they could do that and if I wanted a ride home they could fix it right away. I could pick it up the next day. OK They're also going to fix the little scratch I put in it myself.

So, I figured I could just use hubby's truck for a day. He has a company vehicle after all. OMG, you would have thought I asked to cut off his left arm. Gee, wasn't it a few weeks ago I was driving him back and forth to get his truck fixed. And, hello was he not driving my car when it was hit. And isn't he going to be sleeping all day any way. Trust me there will be a discussion when he is fully awake. The problem is that his fire gear is in the truck and he might miss a call. Life would cease to exist as we know it if he didn't roll out of bed go to a minor call and be cranky with us the rest of the day because he didn't get enough sleep.

So, to avoid the hassle I decided to take the day off from work. Twist my arm. My desk is really clear and this will give me a chance to have things pile up. That is a good thing. And in case their was any doubt my mom called to say my aunt from FL is in town and could I make it for lunch.

Books have fell by the wayside lately. I'm working on a needlepoint project. Hubby's cousin (eye candy's sister) had a baby girl. I'm making something for her. I looked all summer for a pattern that spoke to me. Then she was born. I pulled out my tote box and thought maybe I would use a pattern from the past. I would make one for each of my girlfriends when they had kids. I found a beautiful kit unopened. It was the pattern I bought the first time I was married. We were going to have kids and I thought this would be perfect hanging in our nursery. I feel some pull to this little one and this pattern said it is time. It really is a beautiful pattern and I'm hoping to finish it this week so I can frame it and deliver it while mom is still on maternity leave.

I did take hubby's truck last night. He didn't argue and I ignored the faces. Annie gave a writing workshop at Passiflora, the local tea room. Most of the people there are writers of the book type. I just write my blog. I'm thinking of and putting together a cookbook. She explained ways to make characters come to life. She had us do an exercise with tarot cards. Once I got past the "real" characters I work with a story just poured onto the paper. I have some edits to do and then I'll post it.