Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book review

I just finished reading Julia's Chocolates.  I loved it.  I had a hard putting the book down.  Luckily last night was Friday and no alarm clocks going off in the morning and I read until the end.  It was a women's story, a story of abuse - child, alcohol, domestic violence.  It was a story about finding yourself, valuing yourself - living life on your own terms.  You felt the raw emotions of each of the characters and celebrated with their triumphs.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was parent's day at the middle school.  You arrive for home room and follow your child around for their first two periods.  I asked youngest what classes she had  today last night at supper.  Why?  Did you get an e-mail?  How did you know? 

I read my mail and it has been on the calender for a month.  Oh.

Not sure if she was happy or not but....  This morning as I talked to hubby and said he could meet us there (in uniform)  because he wouldn't have enough time to come home and change she lit up.  The smile went from ear to ear.  Daddy was coming to school.

I brought her to school and she headed to her locker and then back to the office to meet daddy.  Well, she took his hand and wouldn't let go.  She dragged him around the halls beaming.  She was showing him off to any one who would look.  And let me tell you a state trooper walking around the school gets attention.  A few hi Mr. Police Officer's and we were off to homeroom.   Then English. 

Hubby was off duty at this time but he received a call during class.  He slipped out of the room.  Her brightly lit up face fell.  Her whole posture just dropped.  On the way to the next class I explained he got a call.  They were looking for someone the night before and they must have found him.  (They did in his underwear on some one's front porch)

Well, he finished up and was able to make it back before the class ended.  You would have thought she won the lottery.  It was the end of study hall so she was free to move.  She came and wrapped her arms around daddy who was kneeling by "my" desk.  Her head rested on top of his.  She was in her glory.  She was so excited that not only did daddy get a hug and a kiss good bye but so did I.

As we left I explained to hubby how thrilled he should be that his 13 y/o wanted to hold his hand and show him off still.  Yeah - it was worth missing some sleep.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter turned out to be sunny - well until late in the afternoon.  I was able to hide candy filled eggs outside for my niece and nephew.  They are just the cutest.  They are at that really fun age - so excited by all the little things in life.  They were thrilled to hunt for eggs and color.  Youngest had a ball playing with them all afternoon.  At one point my niece looks at me and says, "know what my name is  S-I-L-L-Y, Silly."  And then she giggled. 

The day was so relaxed.  Saturday I baked cookies and a pie and made some vanilla ice cream.  Sunday I made a garlic roasted pork loin and roasted asparagus.  My SIL made mustard roasted potatoes and brought rolls.  My auntie and cousins made cole slaw, cream puffs decorated like bunnies and wine.  We ate and talked and enjoyed each other.

My parents left at 3 this morning for home.  They've been in Florida since the day after Christmas.  Hopefully they bring some sunshine with them.  I like rain but....  Ah, the flowers are still blooming and I wouldn't trade spring in New England for anything.

Facebook disabled all of my kids accounts with no warning or explanation.  We're waiting to hear back via e-mail.  Sad, because it was the only contact they had with their sister.  Happy, because bio just started an account and asked each of them to be friends.  It disabled all of them before the could reply.  Hmmm???

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tuesday morning we headed for Vermont for a few days.  We dropped the dog off at MIL's on the way.  Son had a cough and felt icky but with his macho attitude we were unsure how icky. 

We meandered up route 7 and then to route 100.  A pretty drive through the hills and valleys of Berkshire county.  We stopped at the Vermont country store and had lunch at their restaurant and then wandered the aisles looking at the stuff you could still buy here that hubby and I remembered as kids.  Body on Tap shampoo, cola syrup, magic eight balls.....  Son's cough was sounding worse and we bought him some slippery elm lozenges.

The rain was just a drizzle if at all and we continued north admiring the barns and farms.  We checked into the motel and relaxed for a bit.  Hubby and the kids watched a movie while I read Ashley Judd's memoir (awesome - see my book shelf).  Then we headed out for pizza at youngest's request.  Son had the chills by this time and hubby and I were a little (or more) concerned.  He only ate one piece of pizza that after only a bowl of soup for lunch.  Not normal at 16 y/o.  So the next stop was the drug store.  He coughed most of the night and we were all up every couple of hours.

He claimed to feel better in the morning though he only ate 1/4 of a bagel.  His fever seemed to have passed and the cough subsided.  We headed north again and stopped to take pictures of beautiful farms and lush roaring waterfalls.  We toured the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory and then headed back south on a different route.  After lunch we stopped at the maple syrup museum (I even learned a few new things) and then the army navy store.  Then back to our room for a little more relaxing - a movie and reading.  Son was wiped out by now and he rested while we went out to dinner.

By this time hubby and I were really concerned and decided to end the trip a day early and get him into the doctor.  Of course he felt much better in the morning. We left any way with snow flurries in the air.  Son was eating a little more and coughing less so we made a few stops along the way home.  We toured the Bennington pottery factory - the kiln holds over 900 pieces at a time.  We stopped along the road in Lanesborro, MA to watch the moose.  He just sat in the field as people driving by stopped to take pictures.

Friday morning hubby took son to the doctors - sinus infection and then picked up Sammy at his mom's.  Youngest and I did the grocery shopping. 

Today, I'll clean and bake.  I want to make chocolate chip cookies for my niece and nephew.  And I'm making maple pecan pie for dessert tomorrow.  I might have to make two as son absolutely loves this.  My brother and his family will be here tomorrow.  My aunt (the greatest in the world in my humble opinion) and her daughter and girlfriend will be here as well.  My aunt is the one who inspired the love of cooking in me.  She is still extremely active at 84 and spends her time visiting my uncle in the nursing home, volunteering at the local thrift shop and season tickets at the local theatre.  For my birthday she sent a card stating simply - "accommodate no one."

My parents will be home from Florida next week end.  They are under the impression that it will be warm here by then.  Maybe, though today their are snow flakes in the air.  The crocuses have come and gone and the daffodils are in full bloom.  The star magnolia is just starting to burst with blossoms.  Ah, spring.

Monday, April 18, 2011


On Thursday at 3:00 I left work not to return until the 25th.  Yeah!

I headed to the hospital to see my cousin and her new baby.  Linnea Grace was born on her due date 6 hours after mom went into labor.  To walk into a room filled with such love and joy - it is good for the soul.

Friday my baby turned 13 y/o. I baked her cake of choice - a peanut butter cheese cake. I prepped the fixings for the make your own pizza dinner. When her and her girlfriend arrived home from school we whisked them off to the movies. They saw Soul Surfer and really liked it. Home for pizza, cake and presents. She had a really good day. Sunday with the money she received from grandparents she bought a game for her DS (I had to take her shopping) and books from amazon. She was happy all day.

Saturday a group of us from work along with our families hiked to the tower at Sleeping Giant State Park. It was cool and windy but felt great.
Sunday was shopping and reading. I'm on vacation so I downloaded a bunch of books to my kindle. Yeah!!

Today is puttering and errands. Hubby is taking the kids to the Army Navy store. Son has been saving up money from his job to buy a new pair of boots. He keeps $20.00 from his check and the rest has gone in the bank so it his taken him a while to save cash for the boots he wants. I'm so proud of him. He really gets the working hard and saving for what you want concept.
Tomorrow we leave for Vermont for a few days. We were able to get a free three nights stay by listening to a time share spiel. we'll be staying in Killington and taking day trips around the state from there. It will be nice to take a break from home.

And this week end my brother and his family will be here for Easter. My Aunt and her daughter and girlfriend will be here as well. I'm making a pork loin and asparagus. I'll bake a maple pecan pie and some cookies for the kids. Others are contributing what they feel in the mood for. It is a rather low key day and a good excuse to get together. My nephew is 6 and my niece 4 so they are at a really fun age. I have little plastic eggs I filled with candy to hide outside. I have bags filled with stickers and activity books. I just love being an Auntie.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last week end son who rarely sleeps at all slept for almost 36 hours straight.  He was sweet enough to pass his germs onto his sister.  She's rather down and out today.

This week I met with my pagan friends to celebrate the waking earth.  Our host made waking earth cake and I made vanilla ice cream to symbolize the melting snow.  This group is a wonderful collection of dear sweet souls.  I look forward to our meetings each month.  It is a time to laugh until tears come, it is a time to cry and be uplifted.  It is a time to just be.  I am truly grateful.

Friday night I went to see Max Dashu speak on the grandmother stones of megalithic Europe.  It was awesome.  This is the third time I've seen her.  She has been studying women's history for 40 years.  She is an amazing wealth of knowledge.  She is so at peace within herself and her joy and thoughtfulness shine through. 

For dinner I made homemade potato chips to go with son's french dip sandwiches.  He made a caramelized onion spread, roasted the beef, thicken the au jus and assembled the sandwiches.  Yum!!  I'm taking the leftovers and making beef pot pie. 

And that is my week.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was told I don't write as much any more. That is true. For me that is a good thing - it means there is no more drama. And I really like it that way. So, I put out prayers of gratitude to all that is holy.
This week end I had 16 women at my house Friday night for a pampered chef party. It was a great evening out with plenty of food and laughter.
 Saturday I took youngest to the penny auction at the elementary school. I won a hand beaded necklace and bracelet. Youngest won a watercolor done by a local artist. It is beautiful. It's of horses and matches her new room perfectly.
Then we headed to my brother's house to drop off my nieces birthday present. She will turn 4 this Saturday at Disney World.
Oldest actually mailed her cell phone home that she wasn't using (and we were paying for). My brother is taking it to my parents in Florida. I preset my number as well as my brothers and my aunts. I will feel much better that they have a phone in the car. They travel a lot (and you were wondering where I get it from - I am my father's daughter) and in this day and a age a phone for emergencies would set my mind at ease.
We received confirmation for our April vacation. We will be in Vermont for four days. We received a free 3 nights stay in Killington. It is pretty central to a lot of day trips. Plus we will be away.
Sunday was beautiful out. The sun shone brightly and the wind was the least of my concerns. I packed youngest's bike into my car and we headed to the reservoir. She biked and I walked. Boy, did that feel good.
 So, here is to hoping your life is drama free and full of blessings.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Son was called in to work Friday night. He washes dishes at a local restaurant. It's NOT his favorite thing to do but it pays and it's the only place that would hire him. So, him and his sister rotate who unloads the dishwasher. Saturday morning he explained to me that he did dishes all Friday night and that youngest should unload the dishwasher. I very nicely explained that I didn't care what job he did for a living that he still had to do chores at home. And, oh by the way as an accountant I pay bills and balance bank accounts for a living - may be we'll switch - I'll empty the dish washer and he can pay the bills. He emptied the dishwasher.