Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Morning

I love the early hours of the mornng. I let the dog out in the crisp cold air - a frost covering the ground. I make a cup of tea - tulsi red mango. I let the dog back in and come to my office shutting the lights off as I go. As the kids wake up it will take them a little while to discover me down in my basement office.

My girlfriend who had her appendix out Thanksgiving night came home Friday. A little sore but feeling much better than she did.

Oldest and I went to see A Wonderful Life yesterday afternoon. It was - wonderful. The girl who played Mary is the daughter of one of my co-workers. She was great. Afterwards we walked down the street to the Black Tavern for dinner. The food was really good. I had soup and salad - nothing big after days of Thanksgiving leftovers. A white bean and bacon soup - creamy with bits of carrot as well. Spinich salad topped with egg, bacon, red onion and blue cheese. Yum! Oldest had a meatloaf parmesan on to of pasta. She said it was great. As we walked out of the resturant the town of Thomaston was preparing for Santa's arrival and the tree lighting ceremony. The main street was shut down. Oldest and I decided to watch the festivities. Ten minutes later she wanted to go. She said it was because her ankle hurt. I think it was more about her not knowing what to expect - a little apprehensive about going with the flow. So, with only ten minutes left to wait we found our way through the back roads back to the highway home. I have to say she was a little more talkative this time.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy Friday

As I read my favorite blogs this morning I discovered the horror of Long Island shoppers. To trample someone to death to go shopping is just ...... unbelievable.

I spent yesterday in my pajamas until 4 then showered and slid into my comfy sweats. I napped, read, ate left overs and simmered the tukey carcas for soup. It was a really lazy day with little energy. Though I did wash three loads of laundry. Son made sausage and cauliflower soup with sausage bisquits for dinner. It was soooo easy to make and really yummy. I will make it again. I love having the kids find new recipes it really stretches our menu in new directions.
After sleeping for nearly 11 hours I finally feel rested today.

Oldest and I will be going to the TOH to see It's A Wonderful Life - the last in our season tickets. Hubby did buy us season tickets for next year as well but shhh, I'm not supposed to know. Well, actually he had me order them so I would get exactly what I wanted. Very few of our presents to each other are a surprise. His big present is set up in his work room already. It's a huge storage unit for nuts and bolts and the like. He has been so excited that he's been cleaning his man cave for weeks.