Thursday, February 24, 2011

What the Hell?

Son broke down and called bio. He sat there watching TV and half listening to her. Youngest sat in the next chair reading and never talked to her. She said oldest didn't want to talk to hubby. Then oldest got on the phone and said she didn't want to talk to her Dad. Son's exact comment was "What the hell?" Hubby is crushed. I'm not sure how I can help other than be there. I did say I would keep calling weekly and sending a weekly e-mail. At least that way she knows he is keeping the lines of communication open and that he cares even if she doesn't.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleaning Out

I've been on a cleaning binge since Christmas or so it seems. Clean organized house means a clean organized head or something like that. I have spent more time in oldest's room than I did moving out of my apartment. Partly because she left a pig stye and partly because it's easier to pack your own baggage than someone else's. She left bags of clothes to go, books to go and boxes and piles she wanted shipped to her. I went through the clothes and pulled what youngest wanted. I went through the books some I donated to the school some went to the tag sale room at the dump. After checking the prices of shipping I pared down the stuff she hadn't packed yet. Even if she was paying for shipping she didn't have enough money to ship empty photo albums (she pulled the pictures to take with her) or dollar store candles. $247.00 later her stuff is on it's way across country. She briefly answered her father's e-mail. It was mainly to answer questions about her phone and her boxes. She refuses to answer the phone. It's been three weeks. The really odd thing about that is that they disconnected the answering machine. They had one before she moved. And how do they know it is hubby calling and not son or youngest? Bio has not talked to the kids since before oldest left. She misses them so much she hasn't talked to them in six weeks.

Today youngest cleaned out her closets in anticipation of moving down the hall. Her Christmas present from bio went in the out going pile.

The room down the hall is pretty much empty. It needs a good washing and a paint job. Paint is on next week's budget. And a good smudge is in order.

The drama here is gone. The calm that has settled here is wonderful. I've been cooking up a storm. Trays of cookies went to the area chief's meeting for the fire department. A batch was sent to our adopted nephew. Today I made oxtail stew, buttered noodles and a hazelnut tart. All new recipes. And keepers too.

I've made toner and moisturizer. Soap is next up on the list.

April vacation is coming quick and I'm searching for things to do. We've done most of the day trips you can do in our area in April. We're thinking about a day in Boston or maybe heading to Maine. We'll see. And by then my baby will be a teenager.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Four Years

It was four years ago today that I started blogging. It has let me vent many a frustration, meet new friends and learn a lot.

Today EC is coming for dinner. He's single once again and we are all busy for Valentine's day so tonight we are celebrating. Actually he's just coming for dinner and I'm surprising him by celebrating just a little. I know VD is a commercial holiday and much of me hates that. Then their is this small part that loves the idea. I try to show those I love how much every day so I twist the holiday a little. I send valentine cards to my friends and tell them how much they mean to me. Tonight the table is set in red and everyone has a gift bag filled with chocolates. Son's girlfriend will be here as well. The menu is made in part so EC can bring some leftovers home.

Meat Stromboli
Ham with a pineapple mustard glaze
scalloped potatoes
creamy Brussels sprouts
Maple pecan pie
homemade coconut ice cream

I had to make two pies. Last time I made it son complained that there wasn't enough leftovers. The Stromboli is a new recipe. Usually I make peperoni bread with peperoni, fried peppers and provolone. This is filled with garlic, fried peppers, pepperoni, mortadella, sopraseta and mozzarella. I was going to make green beans and son asked for brussel sprouts - hey with bacon and cream you gotta love them. It is one of my favorite dishes.

Oldest has unfriended me on facebook. She has stopped answering her phone and has not talked to her siblings in weeks.

Youngest says whatever pops into her head (don't know where that comes from - LOL). The other day as we were out looking for new beading to go in her new room she says, there is no stress now that oldest is gone. What do you mean? I don't have to lie or keep secrets anymore. That's why I won't talk to her if she calls.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Spa Day

I have made it a point to hit the spa once a month - usually a massage and a pedicure. Today I'm getting my hair cut as well. I have the prettiest toes that no one but me sees. OK, maybe hubby but I don't think he cares about my toes. I just love having my feet rubbed and pampered.

Last night I tried yet another recipe from my newest Barefoot Contessa cookbook - roasted shrimp with feta. Yummy! It was a winner. Then I was off to meet with my beautiful heathen friends for tea, chat and laughter. Oh, what a great evening.

During the day hubby called oldest's new school to have notices and report cards sent to us. According to AZ state law and the secretary at the school hubby has no rights to that at all unless bio puts him on the contact list. Hubby actually called and left a message for bio and the papers are supposed to be sent home for her to sign.

The snow blower was a simple fix and hubby cleared the driveway. Yesterday I came home to him holding a rope over the roof. What I couldn't see was son on top of the roof. Hubby was holding the safety line as son cleared snow from the roof that he couldn't reach with the snow rake. Roofs have been collapsing all over the state and hubby is making sure ours is not one of them.

Tomorrow is Girl Scout day - they are going to a CSI event. It sounds really cool. The girls have been looking forward to this for over a year (last year's event was booked). This is the reason youngest joined girl scouts this year. I hope she's not disappointed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Ice

Snow I don't mind - it's beautiful - especially when hubby clears it from the driveway. But ice - I stay home. Actually my entire office is staying home today. Most are taking vacation days. This winter has eaten into a lot of PTO (paid time off). I have my lap top at home and am working on getting motivated to work. It is much slower going at home.

Hubby's three days off fell during the snow storm and he is working on fixing the snow blower. It suddenly decided it will start but not stay running.

We called oldest Sunday night to check in. She seems to be enjoying the new school (she wouldn't tell us otherwise). She's not sure if she will have enough credits to graduate on time but, bio said, the counselor said, well.... I don't know. Youngest refused to talk to her. Son only agreed to talk to her because girlfriend was over and she wanted to talk to her. So much for missing their sister. Wonder if youngest has decided on a paint color for her new room yet?

My darling EC called the other night to check on oldest and hubby. I set up a dinner date with him. He'll be here next week. After lots of thought and input from the kids and hubby we decided on ham, scalloped potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I had to explain that for a bachelor you wanted to make something he wouldn't cook for himself and that I could send leftovers home with him. And for dessert a maple pecan pie with homemade vanilla ice cream. The pie is a new recipe featured on Chuck's Day Off so I had to have the family taste test it on Sunday. It's a winner. And the ice cream I amped up with vanilla sugar. Yum! And because I'm a sap for I'll make him up a care package of meals. I remember my single days and cooking for one. And I love to cook.

Today is smothered pork chops and Wheaties cookies. The pork chops was a dinner suggestion for EC and no one could remember what I was talking about (too much variety in their menu) and the cookies are a childhood favorite.