Friday, February 4, 2011

Spa Day

I have made it a point to hit the spa once a month - usually a massage and a pedicure. Today I'm getting my hair cut as well. I have the prettiest toes that no one but me sees. OK, maybe hubby but I don't think he cares about my toes. I just love having my feet rubbed and pampered.

Last night I tried yet another recipe from my newest Barefoot Contessa cookbook - roasted shrimp with feta. Yummy! It was a winner. Then I was off to meet with my beautiful heathen friends for tea, chat and laughter. Oh, what a great evening.

During the day hubby called oldest's new school to have notices and report cards sent to us. According to AZ state law and the secretary at the school hubby has no rights to that at all unless bio puts him on the contact list. Hubby actually called and left a message for bio and the papers are supposed to be sent home for her to sign.

The snow blower was a simple fix and hubby cleared the driveway. Yesterday I came home to him holding a rope over the roof. What I couldn't see was son on top of the roof. Hubby was holding the safety line as son cleared snow from the roof that he couldn't reach with the snow rake. Roofs have been collapsing all over the state and hubby is making sure ours is not one of them.

Tomorrow is Girl Scout day - they are going to a CSI event. It sounds really cool. The girls have been looking forward to this for over a year (last year's event was booked). This is the reason youngest joined girl scouts this year. I hope she's not disappointed.

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Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

CSI day sounds really cool. Sorry bio is such a biatch.