Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleaning Out

I've been on a cleaning binge since Christmas or so it seems. Clean organized house means a clean organized head or something like that. I have spent more time in oldest's room than I did moving out of my apartment. Partly because she left a pig stye and partly because it's easier to pack your own baggage than someone else's. She left bags of clothes to go, books to go and boxes and piles she wanted shipped to her. I went through the clothes and pulled what youngest wanted. I went through the books some I donated to the school some went to the tag sale room at the dump. After checking the prices of shipping I pared down the stuff she hadn't packed yet. Even if she was paying for shipping she didn't have enough money to ship empty photo albums (she pulled the pictures to take with her) or dollar store candles. $247.00 later her stuff is on it's way across country. She briefly answered her father's e-mail. It was mainly to answer questions about her phone and her boxes. She refuses to answer the phone. It's been three weeks. The really odd thing about that is that they disconnected the answering machine. They had one before she moved. And how do they know it is hubby calling and not son or youngest? Bio has not talked to the kids since before oldest left. She misses them so much she hasn't talked to them in six weeks.

Today youngest cleaned out her closets in anticipation of moving down the hall. Her Christmas present from bio went in the out going pile.

The room down the hall is pretty much empty. It needs a good washing and a paint job. Paint is on next week's budget. And a good smudge is in order.

The drama here is gone. The calm that has settled here is wonderful. I've been cooking up a storm. Trays of cookies went to the area chief's meeting for the fire department. A batch was sent to our adopted nephew. Today I made oxtail stew, buttered noodles and a hazelnut tart. All new recipes. And keepers too.

I've made toner and moisturizer. Soap is next up on the list.

April vacation is coming quick and I'm searching for things to do. We've done most of the day trips you can do in our area in April. We're thinking about a day in Boston or maybe heading to Maine. We'll see. And by then my baby will be a teenager.


Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

This sounds like a sad situation with oldest daughter, sorry, Kim.
I am glad the house is calm and peaceful.
Thank you for checking in, I've been swamped with work, decluttering too, and family obligations. ((HUGS))

Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like "cleaning out" is taking on a holistic definition of its own. Sounds, too, like you're supporting it pretty well.