Thursday, February 23, 2012

Five things I Love

I was checking out the blog Chronicles of a Warrior Wife and she posted about the five things she loves.  I liked the idea and told her I would steal.  But narrowing it down to five things seemed hard and then after some thought of what I really love and what I really like it seemed hard.  So, in no particular order here goes.

1)  I love my hubby.  My girlfriend introduced us again for the first time.  I told her she was crazy he had four kids.  Then the big bad cocky cop talked about finding the right barrettes to tame his little girl's hair and I was hooked.  When I found out he could sew I proposed.  He thought I was joking.  We'll be together ten years in August (married 8 in June) and I wouldn't change a thing.  He's as macho as I am.  He's not intimidated by my work, education, hobbies or friends.  You'd be surprised by how many boyfriends in the past were.  He is super supportive.  He also helps with the housework.  He is passionate about his work and his hobbies.

2) My bud walks - they've started already this year due to the mild weather.  I come home each day and walk the yard.  I check out what is popping through the dirt, budding on the trees or blooming in front of my eyes.  Each day it's a little bit more.  Spring stirs the life that lay fallow all winter and it starts to stir in my soul.

3) My parents - let's face it, growing up we all think our families are a little off kilter.  But, when I look around I see we weren't that bad.  I am grateful for the knowledge they imparted, the values and the freedom to test both.  Dad made sure I knew education was number one on my agenda.  But, not just school.  He made sure my brother and I understood the family finances and how to be independent.  My parents made sure that as we grew we put him out of a job in a sense.  Once I had my license I was able to drive my car anywhere.  One of the girls at work has a daughter.  She has her own car.  And one day she talked about how tired she was because she had to drive her daughter to a cheer leading match.  Why?  Oh, I wouldn't let her drive that far (45 minutes away).  It really hit home the independence my parents instilled in me.  It also reminded me why I don't lose sleep when son is out with his car.

4) Education - I took Dad's lesson and ran with it.  I love to learn.  I'm constantly reading, taking classes, probing new topics.  Sometimes it takes the form of a degree or certificate but other times it's as simple as a new cookbook or soap making class.  A few herbal classes at a local shop turned into a huge passion and I've had the joy of studying with some fantastic herbalists.  I've also learned to take care of my family in a more holistic, nurturing way. 

5) My friends that show up - when you go through difficult times (like my divorce many moons ago) friends you thought would be there disappear.  But others that you didn't think would show up, do.  I treasure those relationships and try to nurture them as much as they nurture me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Smoked Her

Yesterday I was trying to work up the energy to get on the treadmill.  Once I'm on I love it and feel better but..... something about the energy.  Then I looked outside and said the treadmill was rather silly.  I invited youngest to go walking on the bike trail.  Sure.

You can keep up with me? I asked.  I'm going for exercise not a leisurley stroll.  Sure

We arrived on the trail at 1120 hours.  I told her we would walk until 1200 and turn around.  Sure

Well by the time it was nearing 1200 she was getting tired, her nose was running and she was ready to stop never mind head back.  We turned around and she leaned against the bridge.  Aren't we resting a minute? she asked.

You can - I'm not.  The coat got tied around her waist and she plugged along a few paces behind me.  If I got to far ahead she would jog to catch up and soon fall back.  I thought you said you walked a lot I said.  She walks after school.  Not like this she said.  I'm more than twice your age and my legs are way shorter.  You really need to get in shape.  If you want to bike and hike this summer like you asked you'll need to keep up with me. 

She also wants to do the tower climb with hubby and son.  They must climb 35 flights of stairs in full turn out gear with an air pack on their back.  They are part of a team and the money raised goes to the lung association.  I told her she has a year to train for next years climb.

So we finished up at a little over 4 miles.  She managed to keep only a few paces behind.  It was a beautiful day and we did get to talk when she was in step. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Blog

If you are at all interested in herbs, health or well being check out the Connecticut Herb Associations blog.  It is full of great information and fun events.  It's just beginning and a great resource already.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am a Bookaholic

And I'm not interested in recovery.  I have switched to a kindle for reading more fluffy things as I call them.  That keeps me from collecting far to many things on my shelf.  I've really gotten better at letting books go and either pass them on or donate to the local library book sale.  And even though I can highlight, bookmark and write notes in the margin of my kindle reference books are far better off in paper form.

I received an amazon gift card for Christmas from my boss and I've been savoring it.  Hoarding it.  Cherishing it.  And today I used it.  A few items will be delivered right to my kindle.  I will walk upstairs and there they will be - ready to be read and cherished.  Autobiography of a Yogi came highly recommended and that was a free download.  I really love those.  And in a week or less a box will arrive on my door step with a few little treasures.  John O'Donahue's Four Elements and Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth. 

Have you read any good books lately?  What book changed your life?  Your thinking?  What book do you pick up and read again and again?

And in between my needle point project, cooking and soap making I will be reading.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Night Out

Last night was the awards ceremony for NHFD. Hubby took me and son took his sister (not his decision).  It was semi-formal so I had to do some shopping for the kids.  Son needed a shirt and tie and youngest needed an entire out fit.  She's in a phase where she absolutely refuses to wear a dress. She so doesn't want to look like a girl.  I was a tomboy too but I never remember not wanting to look like a girl.  Any way, she ended up with a great pair of black pants, a muted purple sweater and heels.  She picked out the shoes.  With her height and a waist the size of my wrist she looked fantastic.  My leather blazer completed the outfit.
And the dress I shopped for in my closet fit.  It's been a long time since it zipped.  Wohoo!

They had a cocktail hour, dinner, awards and dancing.  The DJ really got people involved.  Youngest hit it off with a few of the girls and she was on the dance floor having a great time.  My VERY serious son was dragged on the floor by one of the mom's and being to polite to say no went.  He actually started to loosen up a bit and joined the rest of the cadets on the floor.

The music wasn't too loud and hubby and I spent a lot of time on the dance floor ourselves.  It was such a fun evening.  The best fire department dinner I've been to.  There were a lot of laughs and some joking but no one getting stupid.  I look forward to more of these events.
And I'm wearing 4 inch heels in this picture.  The beads were part of a game we played at dinner.  I managed to win a few extra strands.  And son's tie didn't make it until dinner. :(  He's still handsome though - just like his daddy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Raising teenagers

is like nailing jell-o to the wall.

That's the sign my MIL gave me a few years ago and that about sums it up.

After a big blow up a week ago with son things seem to be on an even keel there.  Hubby says we're like two alpha males butting heads.  Yeah, well I'm the big dog.  Once we discussed that my yelling at him was just as disrespectful as his eye roll, whatevers and mumbling under his breath we were able to settle things.  He was in tears, hubby was in tears all because I was trying to calmly get the kids to discuss how they were handling Sunday morning dishes.  I think at this stage of the game the kids should be discussing their issues and not involving me.  

This week youngest overheard me answering questions from her cousin.  Oldest had posted that she was moving.  She also had posted that she was praying for her mom.  Cousin asked if bio was sick.  I said no, she was fighting with her husband, LHNB.  Youngest not getting the full story posted a note saying I was a liar and didn't want her to be friends with bio.
Deep breath.  I think I handled it well.  I quietly said I heard a rumor that she thought I was a liar.  Eyes got big.  We talked about it.  I showed her the posts her sister made.  I explained that I did not say bio and LHNB were breaking up I just said they had a fight.  I asked her if she remembered how oldest reacted when people were fighting.  She gets really emotional. 
Have I ever lied to you?  No
Do I get myself in more trouble because I tell the truth? yes
Wouldn't it make more sense to ask me what I meant?  yes

And then a calm fell on the house again for.....

Saturday we went hiking at White Memorial.  Even son joined us as he could still walk after PT.  What a great family time.