Monday, February 6, 2012

Raising teenagers

is like nailing jell-o to the wall.

That's the sign my MIL gave me a few years ago and that about sums it up.

After a big blow up a week ago with son things seem to be on an even keel there.  Hubby says we're like two alpha males butting heads.  Yeah, well I'm the big dog.  Once we discussed that my yelling at him was just as disrespectful as his eye roll, whatevers and mumbling under his breath we were able to settle things.  He was in tears, hubby was in tears all because I was trying to calmly get the kids to discuss how they were handling Sunday morning dishes.  I think at this stage of the game the kids should be discussing their issues and not involving me.  

This week youngest overheard me answering questions from her cousin.  Oldest had posted that she was moving.  She also had posted that she was praying for her mom.  Cousin asked if bio was sick.  I said no, she was fighting with her husband, LHNB.  Youngest not getting the full story posted a note saying I was a liar and didn't want her to be friends with bio.
Deep breath.  I think I handled it well.  I quietly said I heard a rumor that she thought I was a liar.  Eyes got big.  We talked about it.  I showed her the posts her sister made.  I explained that I did not say bio and LHNB were breaking up I just said they had a fight.  I asked her if she remembered how oldest reacted when people were fighting.  She gets really emotional. 
Have I ever lied to you?  No
Do I get myself in more trouble because I tell the truth? yes
Wouldn't it make more sense to ask me what I meant?  yes

And then a calm fell on the house again for.....

Saturday we went hiking at White Memorial.  Even son joined us as he could still walk after PT.  What a great family time.

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Mothers … earth angels (and saints???), one and all. Well, mostly.