Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pickity Place

Last Thursday three lovely goddesses and I went on a road trip.  One friend wanted to introduce us to Pickity Place.  This is a place she had been introduced to some 19 years ago.  We gathered and I drove the 2 1/2 hours to New Hampshire down this dirt road to an enchanted place.

There are herb gardens surrounding the property.  There is a green house and garden shop.  There is an herbal shop and a five course meal waiting for you.  The little red farmhouse was used as the illustration in the Golden Book's Little Red Riding Hood.

The menu changes monthly to reflect the season.  Herbs from the garden are part of the treat.  June's menu was tomato herb spread on crackers, cream of broccoli soup with smoked Gouda, a black bean and quinoa salad with a lime vinaigrette, a choice of one of two entrees (we all chose the spinach flan) with sesame green beans and a chocolate tart with fruit. 

And even in the rain a good time was had.  We are plotting our next trip.  A great place, a great day and great friends.  Life is sweet!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


The past two weeks have been filled with storms.  Our neighbors to the North were devastated by tornadoes.  My prayers to them.  Our dinner guest this past week end is a lineman for the electric company.  He has been working crazy hours getting the power back on.  He had to cancel on dinner and work all night.  His girlfriend was mad.  His family is annoyed that he went to work.  I understood.  Though if he apologised one more time..... Aaaarrgh.   So, I had already made the pies (3 - one for dinner, one for left overs and one for him to take home) and the salads.  He had asked for burgers on the grill.  So, youngest and I made a trip North and brought him a care package.

My kindergarten friend asked when I was swinging by with a batch of cookies.  So, tonight I will be delivering a batch to the fire house.

My kids think I should start a care package business.  Hmmm! 

Today is the last full day of school.  Half days until Friday and the kids are out for the summer.

On our trip North we stopped and visited with MIL and FIL.  Youngest asked if she could stay the night (along with son) for our anniversary.  So we will be childless during our celebration.  I'm in charge of dinner reservations.

She also asked if she could come for a week this summer.  MIL said that would be wonderful and we would work out when.

And why does youngest get what she wants and the other kids don't?  She is not afraid to ask.  Don't know where she gets that from.

I've been walking and weeding flower beds and reading a lot.  I'm looking forward to lazy days at the beach with kindle in hand. 

And that's what I've been up to.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

No you Didn't part 2

So, Friday night was our last Girl Scout event.  We went to the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport.  They split all of the girls into two teams - 8 positions each.  The girls had to apply for the positions they wanted.  One team ran mission control and one team ran the spaceship headed to the moon.  Halfway through the teams switched positions.  Each of the two rooms were set up like either a spaceship or mission control.  It was great fun.

So, the event is about an hour and a half from home.  We met early enough to stop for supper on the way.  We stopped at this diner that had everything from burgers and fries to Italian.  I ordered a lush salad topped with green apples, cranberries, crumbled blue cheese and walnuts.  Youngest had a grilled cheese with onion rings and our leader had stuffed shells. HE came along and whined about wanting McDonald's.  Her daughter whined about wanting subway.  We had passed a subway and leader said we could stop their afterwards.  Because that was an option the one other girl to come opted for subway. 

Son ordered fries.  They looked really good.  He complained about the shape.  They were steak fries.  He offered sister and friend to try them.  When youngest asked if she could try one he said, "No, it's not like I'm going to try your onion rings."  (Not because she wouldn't offer but because he is so picky)  Leader made him give her one.  When we left over half the plate was still filled with fries.

We sat in a large booth.  I was on the inside.  Sister in the middle and HE was on the outside.  When he whined about not having enough room leader told them to move in that their was a foot between sister and me.  Sister claimed there was only 6 inches and HE said, "Don't worry I won't make you move down."

So, we left the diner and went to subway for the girls.  Then we went to McDonald's for him.  And we wonder why we have a problem with them eating.   My comment would be eat at the diner or not at all.

So, at this point HE realizes that this is an all girl event (Hello - girl scout event).  HE doesn't want to hang with the girls.  Leader said she would walk around the museum with him while I went with the girls.  Hey, do you really trust me with them?

Towards the end of the event HE came into the "spaceship" with leader.  He later said he wished he could have participated.  Oh well.  There was no room any way.

On the way home HE was eating pretzel rods.  He passed the bag to sister and her friend.  When youngest asked if she could have one HE said, "No, there are not enough."  Leader made him give her one.  HE was not happy.

And I managed to bite my tongue the entire trip.  And Leader, do you really want to know why youngest does not want to join Girl Scouts next year?  Two words - sister and HE

Friday, June 3, 2011

No you didn't

Last Sunday I went with the Girl Scouts to Six Flags.  It was me, the leader and the four girls.  Oh, and wait the leaders son.  He is in the sixth grade.  He will be 12 later this month.  His father was home that day so he could have stayed home but no... what he wants he gets.  I had actually been looking forward to this trip.  I don't ride very many rides but I'm content to wait for the girls to go on the rides they want (next time I'm bringing a book).

So, while leader and one girl headed to the coaster that looped I took the rest back to the snack shack because HE wanted fries.  On the way we stopped for a ride with no wait.  He wasn't happy.  So, we get to the snack shack.  The sell fries, cheese fries, chicken tender combos with fries and a steak sandwich combo.  Leader makes it back before it was time to order.  HE orders chicken tenders and a fries.  The girl at the counter asked if he wanted a combo.  NO, I want them separate.  It would be cheaper to get a combo.  No, I just want an order of chicken tenders and an order of fries.  I explained the difference and HE very strongly said NO, THAT"S WHAT MY MOM WANTS!  OK, I said to the girl give him what he wants.

His order comes and Leader is not happy.  She wanted him to get a combo and an order of fries.  I explained that he got just what he ordered.  And she says to me, "That is not what he ordered.  HE said you got involved and screwed everything up!" 

I actually bit my tongue - she was my ride home, my daughter deserved to enjoy the rest of the day and I wouldn't give that little .... the satisfaction.  

Leader got back in line for an order of fries.  Which by the way no one ate.  With what everyone else had ordered and shared everyone was full.  And these were probably the worst french fries I have ever had.  Soggy and limp with no flavor.  Like the oil wasn't hot enough.  She wrapped the fries and put them in her bag.  Really!  They were bad hot I can't imagine what they would be like later.

We were leaving at 5 and it was now 12:30.  From this point on HE wanted to know when we were going home.  HE whined the rest of the day (he was wining before this too - he's just a whiner) 

I am so glad youngest is done with girl scouts after tonight.  The leader keeps asking her about next year and she keeps saying - "No, I'm joining the fire department."  What she doesn't say is that she thinks both your kids are obnoxious spoiled brats and she's tired of doing what they want to do.