Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out of it

I have been so busy with work and afer hours meetings that I am behind on blogging. I hope to catch up with all of my bloggy friends this week end. I really miss all of you.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm working again today. That's four days in a row. The check will be nice. And I am so busy that the day flies by. It was being bored that I hated. Not any more.

Shoes have been confiscated. He's not happy. Too bad! There are consequences for your actions or lack there of.

They played with the heating system again at work. It wasn't so bad - only 76. The fan at my desk does help.

And my heart and prayers go out to Suzanne. We have worked together for some 20 years. Her fiance, Larry died suddenly on Sunday. I went to the wake last night. Today is the funeral. He came in from raking leaves said he didn't feel good and had a massive heart attack.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heat, Pasta and Gym

Work just flies by when you are busy. I will put in a full four days this week. The extra cash in the paycheck will be nice. I work in an old building. They can not regulate the heat at all. Thank Goddess for twin sets - I wear them all winter. It is cold getting there and then I spend the day in a perpetual hot flash. The past week it has been over 80 in the office. When you are on a computer with no ventilation or window in sight over 80 is way to hot. My work attire is getting sexier as I wear as little as possible and still attempt to look business like.

Last night the police explorers had a pasta dinner. Son was there from set up to clean up. My parents joined us for dinner. It was good and it looks like they had a good turn out.

Report cards came home for oldest and son. Oldest had all A's except for algebra and that was a C+. Son's report card was all over the board. But, the thing that gets me is he Failed gym. He refuses to bring his sneakers in because he doesn't like what they are doing in gym class. Who does? Get over it. It is a required class. A fluff class as far as I am concerned and an easy way to raise your GPA. I will be suggesting to Hubby that his punishment be handing over all of his shoes except his sneakers. That way there will be no excuses. And the combat boots can collect dust other than when he has to wear his uniform for explorers. This for him will be a punishment worse than death. An F, in gym. Duh!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First Monday night was the fire department monthly meeting. They went through the strategic five year plan. And then we had our carnival meeting. I thought I would never get out of there. But oldest and I were soon on a way to a friend's house to drop off gift bags and taste some really yummy food.

Then last night - OMG - Girl Scout meeting. My leader couldn't make the leader meeting. I said I would go. So did another Mom. We were both stuck there. It started with a game involving a hula hoop. Need I say more. No one really takes charge of the meeting, the talk goes round and round and very little is settled. After two hours we got up and that finally ended the meeting. Oh my, oh my, oh my - if I had to attend these meetings every time I would freak out. And they go on and on about the end of year ceremony like it is a pleasure to be there. Parents go to see there kid (it is some unwritten rule about supporting the munchkin). Any more than 30 seconds of their kid on stage is pure torture and now you get to bring the kid's siblings along. Joy of all joys. I did put my two cents in about keeping it short and sweet. Did I mention it was supposed to be the week end we were at the Dude Ranch with our troop? Yeah! No, wait our leader made them change it so we wouldn't miss it. Damn! Thanks! Have I mentioned that I have now been an adult girl scout longer than I was a child girl scout? I really wanted to be a boy scout. The things we do for our kids.

And I was so busy at work the day flew by.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dates, illness and sunshine

My date with Hubby was great. I loved the movie. Hubby left with his head spinning a little bit. The ending was not at all what was expected. I like that. Came home to find all of the kids in their rooms. Kissed them good night and we were off to our bed.

Well, about one AM something in my system decided it did not agree. I spent the next 32 hours going between the bedroom and the bathroom. Hubby fixed me tea and straightened the covers a few times. I did manage to eat supper with everyone - though mine was two pieces of dry toast. I looked out the window at the beautiful sunshine and my garden in need of some TLC. It must have been as beautiful as it looked because the kids all have sunburn.

Sunday I woke up feeling oh so much better. I went to temple and then came home to play in the garden. First I cleaned out the gardening shed. The bikes were moved to the other shed and I have my space back. A few garden beds were weeded. The bud walk was made. I relaxed for a little while. Then we met friends for a walk and pizza.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Museums and Shopping

Oldest and I made it to The Clark Museum. When we finished I checked out the brochures of the area and discovered that the Williams College Museum of Art was open to the public, free and only two blocks away. We headed into town for lunch and then hit the next museum before heading home. The grounds at the Clark are expansive and beautiful. They have numerous walking trails. Next time I will bring a picnic lunch and my hiking boots.

Hubby and the others had fun at the air museum. Youngest was bored after half an hour but loved playing the flight simulator.

Today I took youngest to spend all of her gift cards. Two Nintendo DS games, two huge super balls, a book and two Webkins later we came home for lunch. She even has change. All of the thank you cards are written and she can now play with her new stuff.

Hubby and I are going on a date tonight. When bio lived in state every other week end Hubby and I would at least go to dinner. We have not had a date since mid January. I am not sorry bio has left. Everyone is much better off with her gone. I do miss our dates though. I had to explain that at 11, 14 and 16 we could leave the kids home while we went to dinner and a movie. Keep in mind that oldest babysits as her part time job. So, tonight we are off to The Gilson to see Duplicity. The Gilson serves dinner while you watch the film and on Friday and Saturday nights you must be 21 or older to attend. If all goes well I should be able to convince Hubby of more frequent dates with his wife.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Middle of Spring Break

Monday we took the kids bowling, lunch and the movies. Hubby and youngest saw Monsters vs. Aliens and I took the others to see Knowing. Hubby said monsters was cute but very little adult humor like some of the better animated films. Oldest and I like Knowing, Son not so much. He likes more action and this was more a MF (Mind F@%*) movie as Hubby would call it. I like MF movies. Then Hubby was off to his MRT class. Next week in the test. Yeah!!

Tuesday morning we left early to arrive at Battleship Cove when it opened at 9. The first 100 kids received a real Navy shirt. Youngest was thrilled and wore it for two days. We had to get her the hat to go with it. We had lunch on the battleship and didn't leave there until almost 3. We toured every ship they had. We took the kids to a Portuguese restaurant for dinner as that is what the area is known for. Then they were off to the hotel pool. Yesterday we spent the morning in Newport getting the lay of the land. We will go back this summer to see Fort Adams and the mansions.

Today oldest and I are off to The Clark Museum in MA and Hubby is taking son and youngest to the air museum.

It's been a fun week so far.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We started the day with baked french toast. The kids got Easter baskets and looked for eggs. One really good chocolate bunny and a book, music or movie from the bunny. I had Bones of Faery by Janni Lee Simmer in my basket. I saw it at the book store and it called me in. When I got back from the days festivities everyone watched a movie and I read - the entire book. I was hooked. It was really good.

I went to temple and then we were off to my parents for lunch. A few years back my parents started bugging my brother and I about who would have Thanksgiving dinner. This was in September. Hmm, turkey and dinner at 1 (our family gatherings are always at 1). Does it really matter. My mom was starting to loose it. My brother finally told her I have Thanksgiving, he has Christmas and she has Easter until death do us part. Two weeks ago mom called me at work frantic. I've been trying to get a hold of you. I thought something was wrong. No, she just wanted to say she was having Easter. My irreverent answer was, "no shit." She said that was basically what my sister-in-love said. I'm sure she was much nicer.

All that aside, the meal was really good. The visit was good. We didn't stay really long as the kids tend to get bored.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here is a photo diary of my last soap making adventure. I used palm oil instead of the usual vegetable oil this time. It is crunchy and hard digging it out of the bucket but melts in your hands with a creamy texture. This is the best batch I've made yet and the only batch I could have cut into bars if I didn't have my molds. It is my most requested scent - lavender and lime. It will be May before it cures enough to try it. I will probably wait longer than that as the long it dries the longer it lasts when you start to use it.

soap supplies

In the mixing bowl

Friday, April 10, 2009


I stopped on the way home from work yesterday to pick up the pizza and salads. Youngest and four of her friends were already at the house for her sleep over birthday party. I must admit it went far better than I hoped. They have all been picked up. Youngest is cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. It seems that even after being told on more than one occasion not to talk about the party in front of others because it may hurt some one's feelings she did just that. Actually she did more than that. She not only did not invite our neighbor but she spent the last week rubbing the girls face in it. I don't mind that the girl was not invited, I do mind my daughter being deliberately cruel. An afternoon of chores and thinking will do her good.

I on the other hand am going to the spa.

Did I mention how much I love my hubby? The other day I left for work and on the steering wheel was a note that said, "I love you, sexy Lady!" Then yesterday I came home and he said there was a surprise somewhere in the house. I saw it the minute I walked in the bedroom - four bookshelves. He even rehung the artwork. I always have a pile of books next to my bed and on the windowsill that I am reading or am going to read. Not anymore. I asked if he would mind if I rearranged the books. He laughed and said son wanted to know if he was going to alphabetize them for me. Hubby said I could do that. LOL, I did.

The kids are off from school and hubby and I are off from work. We have a couple things planned and weather depending a few ideas in mind. It will just be nice to relax and play together.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday head spin

All my work accounts are starting to come together. I went down the check list I make myself to see where I stand and I'm pretty good. I think I even have a handle on the new accounts. But, I'm working at breakneck speed and only taking a few minutes for lunch. By the end of the day after dabbling with each of the fourteen accounts at some point my head was spinning. Someone would ask me a question and I had to stop and really put effort into listening and comprehending. Heck, during a conference call I even explained (politely, believe it or not) that he is paying us to use or services that maybe he should use them properly. Garbage in, garbage out. He agreed and wanted me to send him directly a list of instructions. Usually he defers to his bookkeeper. Nice woman but is the main part of the problem. I hope he follows through. It drives me crazy sending him financials I know are not accurate.

I shopped on the way home for stuff for the goodie bags for the birthday party. Youngest helped me put them together. She is so excited. Hubby gets off work this morning and his three days off roll into our vacation. He agreed to make the birthday cake. That will help as oldest and I have a meeting at the fire house. He is also picking up the last of the Easter presents. The bunny brings one really good chocolate bunny and books and music. I still have Halloween candy I need to toss.

Work, meeting, work, birthday party and then Friday afternoon a massage and pedicure. That appointment will help me get through the sleep over. And then vacation. Ahh!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday Madness

Sunday I couldn't keep my eyes open even after taking a nap. I was off to dream land early. I woke full of boundless energy. Before leaving for work at 6:30 I had made four lunches and supper. Supper I left in the fridge with heating instructions. I checked my e-mail and blogs. I washed dishes and put a sink full of clean ones away. Then I headed to work on my day off for some catch up with vacation coming on Friday. At 2 I left work for Girl Scouts. I had 15 minutes to kill so I stopped home - cleaned out my lunch box, changed the laundry over, folded a load and popped my soap out of their molds. After girl scouts we had dinner, I checked my mail, brought oldest to the fire house, cut son's hair, talked to my girl friend, tucked youngest in and picked oldest up. I even read before drifting off to sleep.

I hope this burst keeps up. Youngest is having four girls sleep over Thursday to celebrate her eleventh birthday. Tonight I have to shop for a few things for the party and Wednesday I need to bake the cappuccino cheesecake she picked out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Week End

I am so grateful that the tension is gone from the house, the drama has moved to Arizona and all is right with the world. OK, my little corner of it for now. Hubby has been stepping up to the plate as I've been letting things go. At youngest's PPT meeting he actually was the one discussing her homework and homework habits. I've been staying out of most of it.

Saturday my girlfriend had a tag sale to sell her step daughter's stuff. SD moved here after having a baby to see how much daddy and step mom could take care of her. Say queen of the mooches. When things weren't going her way and she had a better offer she moved back West. In the leave she left all of her stuff behind. They sold her van to pay for shipping on things she needed for her and the baby and sold the rest.
I went and sat with her during the tag sale. We had quesadillas and margaritas. When it was all over we played wii and her hubby programed my phone with the ring tone I wanted - The Doors' Peacefrog.

Hubby made supper and I arrived after dinner. Sunday I went to temple, made a batch of soap, took a nap and made supper. My parents also came over for a visit. One kid went to friend's, one had a friend sleep over and one went to the movies. They are finally old enough to do things on there own. And without visitation getting in the way they are. Driver's ed was also in the mix and helping with the police explorers. They are finally able to have lives.

It is so good. I'll have soap making pictures when I get some time. Now, I'm off to a half day of work then Girl Scouts. Supper is prepped and in the fridge.

Ahh! Big sigh of contentment!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Friday morning I made lunches and went back to bed to cuddle with my hubby. The kids left for school and we really got to cuddle....

I was then off to see a friend for tea. What a great time talking sipping tea and eating shortbread. Mmmm!

Then hubby and I were off to youngest's PPT meeting. The teacher's are happy with her progress. She still really struggles with math and writing but her reading has really improved. All of noticed a huge improvement with her mood, attitude and work in the past month since bio left. The principle asked if bio was coming. I said not from Arizona. She did leave - no wonder the difference in youngest. She seems so relaxed now. Can you put that in writing I asked? When they asked if they should send a copy of the report to bio I answered that if she gave them a change of address they could. She did not give us a change of address. What? We know where she is staying but she never gave us a change of address so I'll be damned if I'm giving that to the school. She's a caring parent don't you think?

Youngest slept at a friend's house. Hubby went to poker night with the guys. So I bought Chinese take out for oldest, son and me. I even bought soda. Wohoo!

What a great day.

Today I have delivered the kids to their activities. Hubby is home for retrieval. I am off to Margarita day with the girls.