Monday, April 20, 2009

Dates, illness and sunshine

My date with Hubby was great. I loved the movie. Hubby left with his head spinning a little bit. The ending was not at all what was expected. I like that. Came home to find all of the kids in their rooms. Kissed them good night and we were off to our bed.

Well, about one AM something in my system decided it did not agree. I spent the next 32 hours going between the bedroom and the bathroom. Hubby fixed me tea and straightened the covers a few times. I did manage to eat supper with everyone - though mine was two pieces of dry toast. I looked out the window at the beautiful sunshine and my garden in need of some TLC. It must have been as beautiful as it looked because the kids all have sunburn.

Sunday I woke up feeling oh so much better. I went to temple and then came home to play in the garden. First I cleaned out the gardening shed. The bikes were moved to the other shed and I have my space back. A few garden beds were weeded. The bud walk was made. I relaxed for a little while. Then we met friends for a walk and pizza.


annie kelleher said...

it sounds like a great weekend, minus the tummy bug!!!

Lynette said...

sorry you had a bad bout in there but maybe you need rest time too. hard way to get it. sounds like a wonderful sunday preparing for new life in yours now. cant wait to see the pics of the flowers later.

Walk in the Woods said...

A walk and pizza ... sounds like you rebounded from that belly-bug quite well!