Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here is a photo diary of my last soap making adventure. I used palm oil instead of the usual vegetable oil this time. It is crunchy and hard digging it out of the bucket but melts in your hands with a creamy texture. This is the best batch I've made yet and the only batch I could have cut into bars if I didn't have my molds. It is my most requested scent - lavender and lime. It will be May before it cures enough to try it. I will probably wait longer than that as the long it dries the longer it lasts when you start to use it.

soap supplies

In the mixing bowl


Martha said...

This is wonderful, how delightful. You are truly an artist.

savetheorangutan said...

Please consider using a different oil than palm oil until sustainable palm oil becomes available. The massive conversion of rainforests for oil palm plantations is driving the orangutan to extinction. See or to find out more, or google palm oil + orangutan.

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh, what fun! And your lavender-Lime is delightful!

Laura Rose said...

Wow, wicked of the many things I remain clueless about! :)