Saturday, April 4, 2009


Friday morning I made lunches and went back to bed to cuddle with my hubby. The kids left for school and we really got to cuddle....

I was then off to see a friend for tea. What a great time talking sipping tea and eating shortbread. Mmmm!

Then hubby and I were off to youngest's PPT meeting. The teacher's are happy with her progress. She still really struggles with math and writing but her reading has really improved. All of noticed a huge improvement with her mood, attitude and work in the past month since bio left. The principle asked if bio was coming. I said not from Arizona. She did leave - no wonder the difference in youngest. She seems so relaxed now. Can you put that in writing I asked? When they asked if they should send a copy of the report to bio I answered that if she gave them a change of address they could. She did not give us a change of address. What? We know where she is staying but she never gave us a change of address so I'll be damned if I'm giving that to the school. She's a caring parent don't you think?

Youngest slept at a friend's house. Hubby went to poker night with the guys. So I bought Chinese take out for oldest, son and me. I even bought soda. Wohoo!

What a great day.

Today I have delivered the kids to their activities. Hubby is home for retrieval. I am off to Margarita day with the girls.


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Enjoy your Margarita Day!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Sound like a great day, indeed!