Friday, April 10, 2009


I stopped on the way home from work yesterday to pick up the pizza and salads. Youngest and four of her friends were already at the house for her sleep over birthday party. I must admit it went far better than I hoped. They have all been picked up. Youngest is cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. It seems that even after being told on more than one occasion not to talk about the party in front of others because it may hurt some one's feelings she did just that. Actually she did more than that. She not only did not invite our neighbor but she spent the last week rubbing the girls face in it. I don't mind that the girl was not invited, I do mind my daughter being deliberately cruel. An afternoon of chores and thinking will do her good.

I on the other hand am going to the spa.

Did I mention how much I love my hubby? The other day I left for work and on the steering wheel was a note that said, "I love you, sexy Lady!" Then yesterday I came home and he said there was a surprise somewhere in the house. I saw it the minute I walked in the bedroom - four bookshelves. He even rehung the artwork. I always have a pile of books next to my bed and on the windowsill that I am reading or am going to read. Not anymore. I asked if he would mind if I rearranged the books. He laughed and said son wanted to know if he was going to alphabetize them for me. Hubby said I could do that. LOL, I did.

The kids are off from school and hubby and I are off from work. We have a couple things planned and weather depending a few ideas in mind. It will just be nice to relax and play together.


Lynette said...

ok let me go to the spa with you

i have been redoing a womans antique booth all day and my knees are as big as tree trunks

Laura Rose said...

awwwh...sweet surprises!

Martha said...

That is wonderful you and your hubby get some alone time.

Darcy said...

That's AWESOME...about the shelves. I can't wait until mine thinks about doing things like that again. Apparently, we're still in resentment mode. The alphabetizing is something I too would do! LOL!

Good job with the discipline on the oldest! Sounds like you're getting a handle on it. She'll break and be a responsible and pleasant person eventually. Mine on the other hand, I have no say.

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