Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm working again today. That's four days in a row. The check will be nice. And I am so busy that the day flies by. It was being bored that I hated. Not any more.

Shoes have been confiscated. He's not happy. Too bad! There are consequences for your actions or lack there of.

They played with the heating system again at work. It wasn't so bad - only 76. The fan at my desk does help.

And my heart and prayers go out to Suzanne. We have worked together for some 20 years. Her fiance, Larry died suddenly on Sunday. I went to the wake last night. Today is the funeral. He came in from raking leaves said he didn't feel good and had a massive heart attack.


Kathy said...

Poor Suzanne. I can't imagine the grief.

I hope your day goes well. Good luck with the shoes. My brother the French professor failed gym. It's such a silly thing to do. Even my sister & I passed gym, and she read Gone With the Wind in the outfield.

Martha said...

My sympathy to Suzanne.
Good for you for giving Mr.Wanna Be Explorer a lesson in following the requirements.

Walk in the Woods said...

Wishing you a good Friday and an even better weekend. :)