Friday, May 29, 2009

High School Reunion

I found this on Annie's blog. This is the closest I'm getting to a class reunion again.

Name: Kim
What year did you graduate?1985
Where do you live? a house in the country in CT
Married or Significant Other? Happily Married
To who? Hubby
How long? 5 years
Kids? Yes, two girls, two boys, one dog, two cats
Names? Seth, Tegi, Chase, Lexi, Sammy, Delilah and Boo
How old? 20, 16, 14, 11, 12, 12 and 4
What were you like in high school? involved in many things
Are you different now? no
If you could relive your high school years, what would you do differently? Very little
Who do you still hang out with on a regular basis that you went to high school with? Phil - we went to kindergarten together
What did you PLAN to do after high school? Go to college, get a whole bunch of degrees, become an engineer, get married, buy a house, have kids
What did you ACTUALLY do after high school? Went to college, got two masters, got married, built a house, got divorced, became an accountant,got married and became a mom of four
What do you do now? accountant, teacher, herbalist, mom, volunteer fire department ....
What are your future plans? retire, travel
What are your interests? same as in high school
Will you go to your next high school reunion? to quote Annie, "no f@#@$#@ing way"

Where did the week go?

The parade was good. Hubby took pictures of son marching. It feels so good to see people come out to watch the parades. I like the memorial day parade the best. Everyone waving American flags and taking their hats off for the color guard. I am blessed to be in such a country. I give thanks for all those who have sacrificed their lives. And I pray that no one else has to die to ensure my freedom.

My boss is on vacation. I completed her short to do list as well as mine. After working a month of four day weeks I am caught up. I have gone over all the accounts I took over when my co-worker was fired. They are cleaned up and running smoothly. All the paper on my desk has been dealt with and filed. I am back to waiting for my clients to send me paperwork to complete. My goal was to have it done by the end of the school year. I don't want to work extra time when I can be at the beach with the kids.

Today I am off to the dude ranch with youngest and the Girl Scouts. We will have good weather and I good time. We will, we will, we will.... If I keep saying that we will. I have been to the dude ranch before with oldest. The food is good. The activities are amusing for the age group. The parents were bored out of their minds. It rained last time and that did not help. Oldest also got her period for the very first time on the way to the dude ranch. She was crampy and out of sorts all week end. And as a reward I booked my time at the spa for Monday. A massage and pedicure should erase any lingering yuk. And thank the Goddess I only have two girls and NEVER have to do this again.

Today is mother and father-in-love's 44th wedding anniversary. They are celebrating by watching oldest and son for the week end. Hubby works all week end. I made a bag up with homemade soap (my mother-in-law is my biggest soap fan) and sugar scrub. I will bake a cake later. I found a new recipe for a butter almond cake.

Today will be errand day - packing, cleaning, baking and banking. Hubby is off today so I get to see him before I leave. Yeah!

Have a good week end everyone!

Monday, May 25, 2009


We were the first to arrive at mother and father-in-love's. We all pitched in and set up the few last minute items before everyone else arrived. Best count there were 35 of us. I spent some time talking to cousin's husband - he knows everything about everything - and my time with him earned brownie points as that means no one else has too. Great Grandma was in rare form - walking around, talking to everyone and positive. It was a refreshing change. She usually sits like a queen bee and repeats the same few negative speeches. But, at 89 she still lives alone and runs the farm.
The pies were a huge hit and greatly appreciated. I even remembered to use flour instead of cornstarch as a thickener so Aunt Weeza could have some. Corn in any form gives her migraines.
When I got there mother-in-love told me cousin had a girlfriend. He is the cute young cousin I call eyecandy (EC). Well, not to his face. LOL The new girlfriend has a daughter. His Mom, Aunt D, only excepts biological children - steps, adoptive, foster children are completely discounted. EC does not want children (wonder why). Aunt D thinks he should be married with children. His happiness is of no concern to her. I'm constantly defending him. As the in-law I can say things family just can't. He loves that. I said if he brought her I would run interference. He did not. Aunt D has not met her yet. She may never - even if the get married. Aunt D told him he should have a pre nup if he marries this girl so she does not get anything that should be EC's nieces. What???? Any way, I asked him about the new girlfriend. He sighed a big sigh of relief and we went off to talk out of ear shot of Aunt D. We talked for a really long time and he thanked me as I am one of the few people he can talk to who understands the entire dynamic of Aunt D, dating in your 30's and step parenting.
The kids had a great time with their cousins. And we didn't arrive home until well after youngest's bedtime.
Today we off to parades. Hubby took son and youngest to parade number one. Son is marching for the first time with the police explorers. If their is enough time he is going to try and make it to watch oldest and I march with the fire department.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turkey Dinner

I had a turkey in the freezer and with the chill in the air last week took it out to thaw. So, last night we had a mini thanksgiving dinner. Of course now the weather is nice and warm. Yeah! Let's see there was turkey, sausage dressing, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and gravy. The kids helped pick the menu. And for dessert homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter sauce. Everyone was told they could invite a friend. Either no one could make it or they were busy except for Hubby's friend. He's young and single and doesn't cook much. He was thrilled and must have thanked me a dozen times. And then I pulled out a container for him to fix for later. I found if you save the Chinese take out containers they make great containers for bachelors who never return your good Tupperware.

Tomorrow is the big family picnic at mother and father-in-love's. They provide the meat and everyone brings a dish. The first year I made a rhubarb pie with the rhubarb from my garden. It was a huge hit and is now my dish. One year I brought a cherry pie as that is father-in-love's favorite. I had some very disappointed people that the rhubarb pie did not arrive. Last year I made one of each. When I talked to mother-in-love she asked what I was bringing. I laughed and said I thought I had to bring a rhubarb pie. She laughed and said I could bring anything I wanted but several people did ask if I was coming and bringing my pie including hubby's grandmother. The grocery store had cherries on sale so I will be making both again. Hubby says his dad likes me better than him because I cook for him. Hmmm, maybe!?

Monday, May 18, 2009

This N That

The hike went well. The girls practically ran the entire trail and finished an hour early. They had wanted more time at the Indian caves - hmm, maybe you should have stopped for a minute. Then we needed to entertain them until their parents showed up. Luckily I had a tape measure, paper and a pen in my car and we were able to complete some math fun badge work. That gives us a breather for today's meeting.

Youngest made rainy day BBQ chicken for dinner. It was pretty good.

Oldest's babysitting gave her enough money to pay off the rest of her phone bill. Seems that we can't comprehend the texts cost money - $105.00 last month. That and her $10.00 a month fee - three weeks pay. Keep texting you will never have enough money to buy a car.

Today I work at home and then head to Girl Scouts. Then I am off to a wake for one of the fire district members. Kathy has been battling brain cancer for the last 14 months. She was the first women I met who truely had a set of brass ovaries. She spoke her truth with out any hesitation. She will be missed. Peace on the journey Kathy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning

Breakfast is ready - just waiting for the kids to come down stairs. I made a batch of sausage gravy and cheddar biscuits. Mmm!

The dakini workshop was amazing. I have a lot of reading to do. I kept writing down book titles that were mentioned.

I went to a friends 40th birthday party last night. It was good to see old friends - I'm talking people I've known all if not most of my life. I still ponder why birthdays call for gag gifts or a trip to the local sex store to buy toys. I'm so glad hubby did not have a 40th birthday party for me. Maybe because I threatened divorce. We did discuss having a get together with friends as his birthday falls just 27 days after mine but our hearts just weren't in it.

Youngest has not talked to bio in three weeks. The last conversation led to a melt down at school. It may be just as long for son. Oldest has called her once in that time. Bio does not make phone calls that often. Yeah! The kids do so much better with less contact. I'm glad their is less contact but, a part of me is sad. How can a mother inflict that much abuse on their own child? How can you leave your children? How, how, how? I get it on one level but so don't get it on another. I didn't birth these amazing creatures and I could never imagine losing custody and moving away.

Today is a hike with the Girl Scouts - rain or shine. It looks like rain. I'm so NOT excited. On Thursday I went to lunch with my Mom. I mentioned I was an adult GS much longer than I was as a kid. She laughed and said how much I hated it and wanted to be a boy scout. I'm there as long as youngest wants to be. I will not be the least bit upset when she says she has had enough. The things we do for our kids.

I just received my confirmation back from the Women's Herb Fest. Oldest and I are both going again. YEAH!!!!!!

Oldest wants to go to the fire academy this year for training. They do a four day class for the explorers. They stay in dorms the whole time. The explorer post will pay. That is in July. She is also looking for a summer job. Her whole summer is booked up in CT. Hmm, so much for Arizona. I think all the kids realize at this point that there will be no trip to visit bio. She has no job, no place of her own, no money and has not filed any paperwork with the court. The kids are moving on with their lives and making plans. And they are so much more relaxed and happy.

And that is where I'm at this morning.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy 8's

Several of my blog buddies have done this. It is one of those tag your it games. I'm skipping that - if you would like to play you're more than welcome. I still have an award I won and I really appreciate it but, I don't remember where it came from so I apologise now.

8 things I did yesterday

1) made 4 lunches
2) went to work for 6:20 (I left the house at 5:36 AM)
3) ate supper with the family
4) Went to the fire explorers meeting with oldest
5) went to the Barkhamsted Fire District (BFD) meeting
6) nominated people to the BFD board of directors
7) drove my girlfriend and her son home so her husband could stay at the meeting
8) talked to my husband for more than 5 minutes (love our crazy schedules - not)

8 things I wish I could do

1) afford to remodel my kitchen around a viking 6 burner gas stove
2) erase all the mental abuse bio has inflicted upon my children
3) end all war, every where, forever
4) heal Mama Earth (I do my small part)
5) see my husband more
6) garden more and work less
7) visit Barbara at the farm

8 things I look forward to

1) summer vacation (shh, the destination is a secret)
2) Dakini workshop on Saturday
3) owning another little red convertible
4) date nights with hubby
5) Women's Herb Fest
6) lunch with my mom
7) a day with my mother-in-love
8) time at the farm

8 shows I watch

1) Barefoot Contessa
3) Guy's Big Bite
4) Down Home with the Nealy's
5) Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
6) Two and a Half Men
7) Iron Chef America
8) Big Bang Theory

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Mother's Day

Last year hubby bought a card for the kids to give me on Mother's Day. The signed it under much duress. My sweet honest hubby had to tell me that part.

Last Sunday I suggested they send a mother's day card to bio and I could take a picture of them to put inside. I got a half hearted OK. That was the end of that. On Thursday I pulled out the cards and had them pick one. They signed it. I pulled pictures of the kids from our spring break adventures, I addressed the card and mailed it. Way more than the woman deserves but....

This morning I received a beautiful card from hubby and one from the kids. Hubby explained that he told the kids he would get me a card for them. Oldest asked him every night if he had bought the card yet until he did. And everyone signed it happily. What more could I ask for? Big contented sigh.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Motivated (again)

Oldest made a comment to bio that I had lost my spiritual power. Oh really! I guess being relaxed instead of stressed all the time means your power is zapped. But, I have been far more than relaxed my energy level has dipped as some of the pounds came back on. I threw out the fat clothes so I would not have an excuse to get back into them. The summer clothes are a wee bit tight.

So, time to get off my fat behind (family thing - that is where ALL of my weight goes) and get moving. I have logged four days on the tread mill so far. I have resumed my food diary which I labeled my health journal. It is not all about the clothes fitting as how I feel. And from the cleaning spurt and the staying up past 8at night I know the exercise is doing me good.

Tonight is a summer bash at a friends house. The kids are invited. Yeah! I made salsa to go with some blue corn chips. I also have a coconut bread to bring. It should be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I have temple in the morning and then hubby is taking the kids to the movies. It's one I really have no desire to see. It will be a great father - kid event and I will get luscious time home alone. I'm taking my mother to lunch on Thursday to celebrate mother's day. I made the kids send a card to their mother. I included pictures of the kids taken while we were on spring break at Battleship Cove. Mean rotten step mommy that I am.

You do NOT have to give birth to be a mom. So, to ALL of my women friends

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two in a row

I was going to go to work today but.... When we called mother-in-love for her birthday last night she asked if she could bring me my mother's day gift and visit. That was enough of an arm twisting. She brought a beautiful card and a black eyed susan vine for my garden. My hubby said he didn't buy her a gift but she was free to dig up anything she wanted from my garden. And that we did. I have several things that have spread or divided and we filled a bucket for her to take home.

And more checked off my to do list. House vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, one kitchen cabinet cleaned out, grocery shopping done, tortellini salad dropped off for teacher's appreciation lunch, fruit cleaned and prepped and ready to eat. Supper is prepped and laundry put away. I also worked on bank reconciliations for pay. I can actually relax this week end. How about that.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo and we celebrated with tacos, Mexican rice and refried beans.

And I should probably get off the computer as the thunder sounds like it is fast approaching.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day Off

I actually have a day off during the week with nothing on the schedule until this afternoon. It seems like forever since that has happened. I actually could get some of my to do list done.

So far, I have done laundry, walked two miles, made four loaves of bread (two coconut and two pistachio), made toner for my face, made two batches of soap (lemongrass & calendula and Lavender & lime) had breakfast and read my mail. I still have a few more things on my list to get done. This afternoon I have to take oldest to the doctors. She needs a physical before entering 11th grade. Wonder if I'll be arrested for taking her. Bio threatened that at one point. Hmm, I've taken all the kids to their appointments for the last five years and she has never met their doctor. She really cares.

Seth, my oldest son called this week end to brag about seeing the new X men movie. He may be twenty but has the maturity level and thought capacity of an eight year old. He is a huge energy vampire. I'm so glad he lives far, far away. His phone call did manage to upset the kids as he intended. He also had youngest so worked up that she was in tears at school on Monday. Apparently they are closing the Hoover Dam to the public and Seth had to go on and on about how it's too bad the kids couldn't come see it before it closes. I would have liked to have seen it as well but airfare for five is not in our budget. The funny thing is I highly doubt he goes to see it. Some how it is our fault that they can't visit bio. It has nothing to do with her poor parenting skills.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The pulled pork was really good. We have plenty left over and have decided to have it tomorrow night over pasta. Tonight we are having an appetizer party. It's just us but it breaks up the routine a little bit and the kids enjoy it.

Hubby is off to his rope rescue class. Oldest is at her last driver's ed class and I am off to temple soon. Hubby and son are going target shooting this afternoon and I will take the girls to Michael's for picture frames and crafts and then maybe to the book store.

I even suggested the kids do something for bio for mother's day. I have some pretty blank note cards they can make into a card. I said the could make a poster that says happy mother's day and I will snap a picture of them holding it. That will be bio's present. Youngest made a wheelbarrow planter at home depot. It has Happy Mother's Day stickers on the side and came with a marigold. Guess who received that? That would be me, I say with a huge smile. Bio calls less and less and I think the kids enjoy it that way.

Last night son and hubby looked up the rifle bio claims to have purchased. It is a cheap model with horrible reviews and a tendency to jam or blow up in your face. Son read the reviews and said, "I guess mom bought a piece of crap." He will call her on the carpet about it to. I don't think she really bought it. I think she saw it at Walmart and used the name to impress son. Son is far smarter than that.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Greatest Hubby

I have the best Hubby in the world. This morning he came home from work and brought me coffee - decaf. And on top of the lids was a hand written message. If the picture isn't clear enough it says, "I love you (heart symbol)!

Oldest ordered her class ring this week. She was so excited. She got a symbol for the fire department on one side and the symbol for Capricorn on the other. Hmm, sounds like a girl wanting to switch schools. Hubby took her down to the boat house today to apply for a summer job and this afternoon they go look at a car for her to buy.

Apparently the job bio has won't start until they complete the new jail. They are just pouring cement now. And, she will be working in the kitchen not as a guard. I'm not sure what qualifies her for kitchen duty - making a mean batch of ramen noodles in the microwave is her specialty.

Son is making pulled pork sandwiches for supper. The pork is simmering on the stove and it smells heavenly. It was supposed to go in the crock pot but the piece of pork was way to big for that.

Hubby took youngest to Home Depot this morning. The first Saturday of each month they have a free project for kids to make. They also receive an orange apron and a pin each time they go. She loved one on one daddy time. While they were gone I vacuumed, started laundry and steam cleaned the shower.

I have been really busy at work. I love it. The day just flies by and adding an extra day really helps at bill paying time. Besides spending time with the kids I went part time because I was so bored. I don't mind being there if I have something to do.

And, pop,pop,pop.... the flowers are just bursting forth. The yard is covered in violets and dandelions. I even found a new patch of colt's foot (Tussilago farfara) blooming in my back bed. Trillium is blooming and leaves have pushed forth on trees. Last week end the kids helped me move the day lilies, bearded iris and Siberian iris to there new homes.

And I finished reading Lessons in Becoming Myself by Ellen Burstyn. I really enjoyed it. And now, I have a list of movies I'd like to see.