Monday, May 18, 2009

This N That

The hike went well. The girls practically ran the entire trail and finished an hour early. They had wanted more time at the Indian caves - hmm, maybe you should have stopped for a minute. Then we needed to entertain them until their parents showed up. Luckily I had a tape measure, paper and a pen in my car and we were able to complete some math fun badge work. That gives us a breather for today's meeting.

Youngest made rainy day BBQ chicken for dinner. It was pretty good.

Oldest's babysitting gave her enough money to pay off the rest of her phone bill. Seems that we can't comprehend the texts cost money - $105.00 last month. That and her $10.00 a month fee - three weeks pay. Keep texting you will never have enough money to buy a car.

Today I work at home and then head to Girl Scouts. Then I am off to a wake for one of the fire district members. Kathy has been battling brain cancer for the last 14 months. She was the first women I met who truely had a set of brass ovaries. She spoke her truth with out any hesitation. She will be missed. Peace on the journey Kathy.


Laura Rose said...

Stop texting?! But what would they do with their thumbs? How would they communicate?...that's just crazy!!

Martha said...

Peace to Kathy.

I much prefer Boy Scouts to Girl Scouts.

I had to get unlimited texting for our fourteen y/o. It is $15 per month and you bet he is working it off!!

Darcy said...

Texting is a privilege, not a right.

Thanks for the invite for dinner. Wish I could have taken you up on it. Next time for certain!