Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day Off

I actually have a day off during the week with nothing on the schedule until this afternoon. It seems like forever since that has happened. I actually could get some of my to do list done.

So far, I have done laundry, walked two miles, made four loaves of bread (two coconut and two pistachio), made toner for my face, made two batches of soap (lemongrass & calendula and Lavender & lime) had breakfast and read my mail. I still have a few more things on my list to get done. This afternoon I have to take oldest to the doctors. She needs a physical before entering 11th grade. Wonder if I'll be arrested for taking her. Bio threatened that at one point. Hmm, I've taken all the kids to their appointments for the last five years and she has never met their doctor. She really cares.

Seth, my oldest son called this week end to brag about seeing the new X men movie. He may be twenty but has the maturity level and thought capacity of an eight year old. He is a huge energy vampire. I'm so glad he lives far, far away. His phone call did manage to upset the kids as he intended. He also had youngest so worked up that she was in tears at school on Monday. Apparently they are closing the Hoover Dam to the public and Seth had to go on and on about how it's too bad the kids couldn't come see it before it closes. I would have liked to have seen it as well but airfare for five is not in our budget. The funny thing is I highly doubt he goes to see it. Some how it is our fault that they can't visit bio. It has nothing to do with her poor parenting skills.


Martha said...

Seth sounds kind of toxic to his siblings? Just like bio.
Yeah for Days Off!!
I need to go hiking today, thanks for the motivation. ((Hugs))

Kathy said...

You certainly get a lot done on your day off! I'm impressed and inspired.

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