Thursday, March 7, 2013

check, check

I'm a checklist type of girl.  I have checklists for my checklists.  Really, I do - at least at work.  I have a checklist for each client, a master list and a daily list.  With interuptions and work flow this helps me figure out where I am in the process.  At home I have a grocery list, a menu list, a cleaning list and most importantly now a business goal list. 

I filled out all the forms to send in for tax id's and llc and all that stuff.  I found a hidden source of money to go with it.  When the check didn't arrive I looked again at the fine print - they cut checks ever six to eight weeks and I can expect to wait up to 60 days from the time I requested it.  :(  I guess that is one way of keeping me from just using the funds on a whim.  So, I wait.  In the mean time I've worked on my goals and vision.  I've set up a business e-mail.  I've reworked my brochure and business cards

I need to look into a website.  I'm not sure I want to go there or not.  It depends on how user friendly it is to set up and maintain. 

So, I'm off to revise the check list for the day and accomplish something.  Today includes booking the hotels for spring break, making supper and belly dancing.  Dishes and laundry will be squeezed in there as well. I've already e-mailed youngest's teacher regarding our PPT meeting on Monday, balanced the checkbooks and paid the bills.