Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Day

It was a beautiful fall day.  The sun was warm but the air was a little crisp.  Perfect in my book.

I did a few chores and headed to yoga.  I took a class that challenged my sense of balance and my muscles.  It felt good.  Afterwards I walked across the street to the farmers market and snagged some spaghetti squash, heirloom tomatoes and fingerling potatoes.  I then headed up the street to a craft fair.  Some  lovely crafts and hugs and visits with friends.

After stopping at the grocery store I spent the afternoon making soap.  I was careful to let the temperatures of the two mixtures agree.  I didn't rush the process as I would like to.  After the first batch of lavender & lime was poured into the molds I cleaned up what I needed to and started a second batch.  I tested my patience once again with a batch of sweet orange soap.

Roasted some chicken with a batch of za'tar that I had made and sauteed some sweet onions, bell peppers, squash and beet greens together for a simple supper.  And while the chicken roasted my Dad surprised me with a visit.

Life is good.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to kindergarten

After the “new” girl at work interrupted me and then snipped at me and I lost it I have started a new way to deal with it. I was very annoyed at myself for being so unprofessional and stooping to her level. I have never in my working career had break down. This girl is 61. She wines like a 5 year old. Not like one of my kids because wining was not allowed. She complains about everything. She interrupts everyone. She talks about her husband like they were still married or recently divorced. Everything in her life happened during this brief marriage that ended more than thirty years ago. She is stagnant. She has no common sense.

She called HR on me. I think they soon learned what a loon she is. My boss had me apologize after I calmed down. I simply stated I was sorry for what happened. I was sorry I snipped back. I was proud that I didn’t raise my voice or swear. She claimed she felt threatened. Maybe because I looked her in the eye as I told her my truth. In private co-workers came up and thanked me. After the apology she called HR back and said never mind.

While I was on vacation she got into it with someone else. The girl noticed she was quiet (which never happens) and asked if she was OK. She came back in a tirade of how loud this girl was and how she couldn’t concentrate etc. etc.

Since starting work she has been e-mailing the boss 2 to 3 times a day to say what we are all saying or doing wrong. My boss ignores them. She saves them in a file though. So, after this she was told by her supervisor in no uncertain terms to STOP e-mailing the boss to not even send an apology e-mail to the boss. The boss is not going to patrol the cubicles. She expects us to get the work done. End of story. She was told she should attempt to get along with her co-workers or she will be gone.

I have for more than two months been giving myself a sticker on the calendar every day I don’t come over the partition and kill her. The sticker reminds me to breathe and let it go. I brought in a comic strip that says to look for the good in everyone even if you need a microscope. I’m looking. I’m also looking at what edges she rubs raw and why. What lesson is in this for me?

Friday my boss was on vacation and the supervisor was out. The new girl was louder than normal. She not only talks to herself but gives a running commentary on her every thought. I’m tired, I’m going to hum to keep myself awake, I must be going crazy, I wish the work for this client would come in early, and on and on for 8 hours. I had my head phones on and cranked and I could still hear her. I ate lunch at my desk and enjoyed an hour of silence. Blissful quiet. By midafternoon I went and sat in a co-workers office. I told him to keep doing what he was doing that I just needed a moment to let the buzzing in my head stop.

I came home and cracked open a beer. This is not normal. A six pack at our house can last six months. My hubby looked at me and said, “you realize that you have a sticker chart and had to take a time out today and you are how old?”

Yes, next week my boss and I will be having a chat. This can’t continue like it is.