Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yup, I finally did it

I signed up for belly dancing classes.  The intro was Thursday night and some 20 or so of us women in all shapes and sizes braved the single digit temperatures and showed up for class.  The note said that most wear yoga pants and a t-shirt to class but to dress in what makes you feel beautiful.  Now how one can say yoga pants and beautiful in the same sentence is beyond me.  Unless you are slim and trim with only slight curves do yoga pants do any one any justice and those years are behind me.  Plus, even those I found not so appalling were so long.  I know I'm not tall like my in-laws but at 5" 4" I don't think I'm really short.  Every pair I tried on was at least 6 inches too long.  WTF.  So, I opted for sweat pants.  Needless to say I arrived having one of those fat days.  Which really isn't like me.

Instantly the instructor made me feel comfortable and beautiful.  Class was so much fun.  I can't believe I waited so long to check this off my list of want to try.  Did I mention how much fun I had.  And I felt so good after class.  This is what exercise should feel like.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've decided the theme for 2013 is excitement.  I've never really come up with a theme for my years before but it just seems fitting somehow.

This year son graduates high school and embarks on his military career.  A little nervous excitement here.  It's what he has wanted to do since birth.  He's so looking forward to boot camp.  Any way, his plans after his four years is the police force.  Hmm!  Not sure who he takes after. 

Travel.  We have lots of travel plans this year.  I love to plot, plan, pack and go away.  April we are headed to Ohio and the air museums.  This will be son's last family vacation.  August we are headed to the mountains of North Carolina.  In October Paris Island for son's graduation.  And in between I'm headed to the International Herbal Symposium in June and the Women's Herbal Conference in August. 

Yesterday a friend shared that the local yoga center is offering a beginners class in Belly Dancing.  I signed up.  I've always toyed with the desire and now it's manifesting.

I have a new group of supportive women to help with my business venture.  I've been filling out forms and writing down goals.  I will be running my own company shortly.

Today oldest turns 20.  Her first set of presents have arrived.  A few items left on her Christmas wish list.  The rest will be a total surprise.  She loved one of the books she got for Christmas which is a first in a series.   I ordered the rest of the series via amazon and having it shipped directly to her.  That will arrive later. I'm excited for her.

My cousin's daughter is expecting her first baby in April.  The shower for her little boy is next week.  My cousin is expecting for the second time - twin girls.  They will join an older sister.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good Place

I'm in a good place. I haven't needed the avena tincture in awhile.  The stress was reduced greatly when oldest "ran away." She needed to go.  And she needed to come back.  We are on a much better footing now.  I can once again look at her picture and not shoot daggers. I can enjoy her for who she is.

Youngest seems to be coming out of her funk.  She even joined me for grocery shopping yesterday.  It was nice to get out and about with her.  We even made a few detours along the way including the book store.

And to my great and happy surprise not only was son home to help unload the car when we arrived but he had a friend with him.  I like his friends.  And they have been hanging at the house more and more.  I like that.  I had a pork shoulder in the crock pot melting its way into pulled BBQ pork so I offered dinner.  Cole slaw and baked beans rounded out the meal.  We had a great visit and we hung out at the dinner table for more than hour after dinner talking and laughing.

I found (was invited to join) an amazing group of creative supportive woman to help spark me in my business adventure.  The forms are filled out to become an LLC and I am on my way.  I have some goal setting and vision writing to do in the next few weeks.

And I have a date planned with hubby in a few weeks.  This month when he is not at work he is in class.  I see him for brief moments.  I think part of our date will be planning a week end get away.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Business a new way

I'm off this morning to meet with some beautiful Goddesses.  They are all in some type of business of their own.  We are meeting to reflect on our own goals, visions and abilities and how we can combine them.  How can we support each other and grow from there.  At least that is my take on the upcoming event.  I look forward to fresh ideas, sage advice and what tidbits I can offer.

I have been contemplating moving my soaps & potions forward as well as my herbal practice.  I have been putting things in motion slowly and seeing what fits and what doesn't.  I've been researching the legal and financial implications.  It is a lot to take in and comprehend all at once. But, baby steps still move you forward.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Smiles and vacations

Youngest almost always looks miserable.  The puss on her face.....  Yesterday morning as I'm driving to the spa for our girls day that she received for Christmas I imitated the look.  What?  What?  She kept asking.  What does this look say to you?, I replied.  That you're depressed.  Well, that is how you look.  That was until she finished her massage.  She was smiling from ear to ear and looking like she was in her happy place.  She absolutely glowed after her facial - inside and out.  Hmmm!

Afterwards we headed to the craft store and then lunch.  It was a wonderful day.  She ended up with a charm from the clearance rack that she is morphing into a necklace.  She also found a great book teaching her how to draw aname characters.  That we came home and ordered on amazon for half the price.  That she also paid for herself.  I priced out the materials for making my own book.  It was a wonderful class I watched on line with Effy Wild at Wild Soul Arts.  Lunch was at the local tea shop and was scrumptious.  And with my "coupon" it was also a really good price. 

And, the best part of the day was coming home and booking our summer vacation.  Youngest has been asking to go to the Carolina's for years.  She is not sure why?  Last year we went to Maine.  It was son's last summer vacation before heading off to the Marines and he want to go North and hiking.  This year it will just be the three of us and I had four resorts to choose from in our desired location.  We will be in the North Carolina mountains for a week in August. 

I have so many wonderful travel plans scheduled this year.  April vacation we are headed to Ohio and Patterson Air Force museum.  In June I will be at Wheaten college for the International Herb Symposium. And the end of August youngest and I will be in New Hampshire for the Women's Herbal Conference.  Son graduates from Paris Island in October and we are still deciding if hubby will go alone or if we'll pull youngest out of school for the occasion.