Sunday, January 6, 2013

Smiles and vacations

Youngest almost always looks miserable.  The puss on her face.....  Yesterday morning as I'm driving to the spa for our girls day that she received for Christmas I imitated the look.  What?  What?  She kept asking.  What does this look say to you?, I replied.  That you're depressed.  Well, that is how you look.  That was until she finished her massage.  She was smiling from ear to ear and looking like she was in her happy place.  She absolutely glowed after her facial - inside and out.  Hmmm!

Afterwards we headed to the craft store and then lunch.  It was a wonderful day.  She ended up with a charm from the clearance rack that she is morphing into a necklace.  She also found a great book teaching her how to draw aname characters.  That we came home and ordered on amazon for half the price.  That she also paid for herself.  I priced out the materials for making my own book.  It was a wonderful class I watched on line with Effy Wild at Wild Soul Arts.  Lunch was at the local tea shop and was scrumptious.  And with my "coupon" it was also a really good price. 

And, the best part of the day was coming home and booking our summer vacation.  Youngest has been asking to go to the Carolina's for years.  She is not sure why?  Last year we went to Maine.  It was son's last summer vacation before heading off to the Marines and he want to go North and hiking.  This year it will just be the three of us and I had four resorts to choose from in our desired location.  We will be in the North Carolina mountains for a week in August. 

I have so many wonderful travel plans scheduled this year.  April vacation we are headed to Ohio and Patterson Air Force museum.  In June I will be at Wheaten college for the International Herb Symposium. And the end of August youngest and I will be in New Hampshire for the Women's Herbal Conference.  Son graduates from Paris Island in October and we are still deciding if hubby will go alone or if we'll pull youngest out of school for the occasion. 

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Anonymous said...

My daughter graduated from Parris Island last August. Seeing her graduate was a high point in my life that I would highly recommend going to. I didn't really want her to join the marines, but wanted to support her and I am so glad we went.

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