Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've decided the theme for 2013 is excitement.  I've never really come up with a theme for my years before but it just seems fitting somehow.

This year son graduates high school and embarks on his military career.  A little nervous excitement here.  It's what he has wanted to do since birth.  He's so looking forward to boot camp.  Any way, his plans after his four years is the police force.  Hmm!  Not sure who he takes after. 

Travel.  We have lots of travel plans this year.  I love to plot, plan, pack and go away.  April we are headed to Ohio and the air museums.  This will be son's last family vacation.  August we are headed to the mountains of North Carolina.  In October Paris Island for son's graduation.  And in between I'm headed to the International Herbal Symposium in June and the Women's Herbal Conference in August. 

Yesterday a friend shared that the local yoga center is offering a beginners class in Belly Dancing.  I signed up.  I've always toyed with the desire and now it's manifesting.

I have a new group of supportive women to help with my business venture.  I've been filling out forms and writing down goals.  I will be running my own company shortly.

Today oldest turns 20.  Her first set of presents have arrived.  A few items left on her Christmas wish list.  The rest will be a total surprise.  She loved one of the books she got for Christmas which is a first in a series.   I ordered the rest of the series via amazon and having it shipped directly to her.  That will arrive later. I'm excited for her.

My cousin's daughter is expecting her first baby in April.  The shower for her little boy is next week.  My cousin is expecting for the second time - twin girls.  They will join an older sister.

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