Monday, September 28, 2009

low key week end

Friday night hubby and I went to dinner at his cousins.

Saturday youngest's soccer game was canceled. Oldest and son had the homecoming dance to attend. A friend's mom was driving them there and I picked them up. Saturday I spent working on the closet.

Yesterday youngest said - I know we have no money but can we go race go carts? I told her if she could find something that was free we could go. I'm getting a little tired of running all the time and entertaining children. At their ages they should be able to entertain themselves or at least come up with some ideas of what they might want to do. They rotated between TV, play station, my computer and reading. I baked three batches of cookies so I could mail some to a friend at school.

I also started to tackle cleaning "my" room. It is divided into my office, craft area and pantry. It is also the catch all room. The craft area is now reorganized and some stuff eliminated. Hubby complained that I filled the trash can too much. I better have him empty it now before I start on the other areas. The pantry is next followed by my office. Paper breeds and I dread the office cleaning. Normally I am super organized but with paper for me, the kids, the fire department and whatever else it is out of control in what seems like minutes. Besides the trash I've been filling the dining room with items for the dump. I'll have to go soon or we won't be able to walk in there.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A new closet

My walk in closet was perfect for one person. I never had to bundle up clothes with the seasons. Then hubby and I got married. I had to split the closet with him. My dad and I had gone through the entire closet with just the right shelves. Hubby needed more drawer space and so I lost part of my hanging racks. Clothes had to be put in totes with the changing of the seasons. This is sometimes a difficult feat as hubby is usually sleeping when I am home. At first I had the right side and he had the left. I'm 5'4" and he is 6'7". That lasted a day or two - now I have the bottom row and he has the top. As I cleaned the closet today hubby heeded all the complaints and we moved the shelves around. It is now much more accessible. And I really purged. I filled two hefty bags to the brim of clothes to give a way and another bag full of clothes for the trash. I even parted with numerous pairs of shoes. I can't tell you how good it feels and looks.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Start of A Four Day Week End

Today hubby and I are both home. Our schedules have been so out of sync lately I was beginning to wonder what he looked like. He has errands to do - like go to the dump.
I have grocery shopping to do.

Tonight we go to his cousins house for dinner. The kids are staying home. I'm bringing a lasagna. His cousin is making a salad and brownies for dessert. I made a batch of cookies and cream ice cream to top them. His cousin and girlfriend were so cute - the kids are welcome. I appreciate that but we have them 24/7 a night of adult conversation without little ears listening is heaven.

I have the sauce for the lasagna simmering on the stove. Two batches of ice cream are made. The kids are having lasagna and ice cream for supper.

Oldest picked up her class ring Wednesday night. And get this - bio sent a money order for half of the balance due. Oldest must have told her that we were making her pay her mother's half. Bio also sent a money order towards class pictures. We laughed about the money orders - we had told her no more checks because they tend to bounce.

When bio tried to snatch oldest and whisk her off to Arizona more than half the letter was about class pictures. She never gave us a change of address (still hasn't). She was going to make sure we received the order form for oldest and we were to send her the order form for son and youngest. The pictures were a really big deal. I suppose when you plan on never seeing your kids again it might be. We didn't go through the school for pictures - never will again. My girlfriend takes the best pictures.
Pause for a commercial break - she is at Signature Photography and if you need pictures taken check her out.
Any way, bio wants an 8x10 of each of the kids. She first asked that we pick the best picture and then she said she told the kids to pick the picture they wanted her to have. I'm telling you now those are two totally different pictures.

Of course when the letter arrived hubby and I were both nervous about opening it. Hubby finally had me open it - big chicken. What a shock to get money. Ah, but it was for oldest and pictures. The other may get nothing but she would come up with a million dollars if she had to for oldest. Not that I'm complaining - just shocked.

Youngest's soccer game tomorrow was postponed so we have a week end free. Well, almost free. Oldest and son are going to the homecoming dance Saturday night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pay It Forward - Rewards

A while back I responded to a pay it forward craft give away. I was blessed to receive my craft present in the mail yesterday. Martha from A Sense of Humor is Essential made earrings and a necklace just for me. They are beautiful. The stones represent my family's birthstones and the pearls are for the month of my wedding anniversary.

I'm still making my crafts to give a way. And I still have a couple of comments open if you would like to join in the fun and receive something made by me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week in Review or Tidbits that I remember

A sliver of a moon, cool mornings and crisp fall air.

Youngest played her first soccer game of the season today - it ended in a tie. The ball was actually passed to her and she actually knew what to do with it. She's come a long way. Now that she gets it she wants to quit. We told her she had to finish out the season.
One of the girls in her class takes ballet - has for years. She is in the nutcracker each year.

Youngest thinks she should quit soccer and take ballet and be in the nutcracker and wear toe shoes. This all sounds wonderful but, I tried to explain that they would not be in the same class, that it would be years before she could be in the nutcracker and wear toe shoes and we make too much money to get free lessons. I did say that once sov=ccer ended I would try and find a reasonably priced class for her to try it. My fear is that she wants to please this girl more than take ballet.

Hubby went to open house with oldest at the high school. I thibk she was excited about showing Daddy the school. She received her CMT scores which were on line with the students her age. This is a vast improvement over her last CMT scores where she was below average. Not that I take much stock in these bubble tests as a whole but her improvement and confidence were definately reflected this time.

Son has decided that police explorers is not for him. He thought he would actually get to do police work. As explorers they fall under the child labor laws of the state and don't do much. He wants to join hubby on the rope rescue team. We explained that he would have to join the fire department to do that. He has agreed. He didn't want to join the fire department to begin with because the rest of us are on the department and he wanted to be different. This was the one condition for him to quit the police - he had to join something.

I'm making a dent in my to do list. Bathroom is scrubbed from floor to ceiling. Cobwebs are gone and the first floor is dusted. I need to copy a few CD's for oldest and I'm waiting the arrival of my order from Mountain Rose Herbs so I can make more soap and beauty products.

In spite of the freezes I've experienced in farmville - (I think they have worked out the glitches) I have managed to move up to level 20. The game is addicting but I have managed to ween myself down.

I even skipped lunch with the girls at work to go to the balance program. It is a nutrition program that work sponsors. The information is really good. A lot of which I am doing already and echoes the angel way of eating. And I even got my but back on the tread mill. The hardest part of the treadmill is getting on. My schedule changes so much with the kids that I find myself making endless excuses as to why I can't fit it in. Then I took the girls shopping - oldest needed new jeans. I saw myself in the three way mirror. Now there is a reality check. Wow!

Besides the jeans I also bought her a dress for the homecoming. And youngest who tagged along managed to get one more outfit out of me. Sales and coupons reduce my will power.

The Last Wild Witch

I just read Mrs. B's review on the The Last Wild Witch by Starhawk with illustrations by Lindy Kehoe. The book sounds fabulous and the illustrations are fabulous. And if that isn't enough she is giving a way a copy of the book. Visit her site for the entire review and pictures.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long list

I have a long list of items I'd like to accomplish today. Checked a bunch off including laundry and ordering more soap supplies. My neighbor offered me some fresh goat milk and I see an experimental batch of goat milk soap in the works.

Then hubby called and invited me to breakfast. To heck with the list - there are far more important and fun things to do. He finished work this morning for his three days off and I go back to work tomorrow for my three days on. He works nights and I work days - makes for a challenge trying to see each other.

This afternoon I pick up my cousin from the airport. She is spending a week with her mom and dad (my auntie DoDo and Uncle Johnny). Friday DoDo and Johnny celebrated 65 years of marriage. DoDo is in the processing of cleaning out the house they have spent 63 years in. Uncle Johnny suffers severe back pain from an old work injury and the medication has taken its toll on his mind. Some days he is bright and clear and other days.... She has sold their house and bought a condo. It is brand new - she was able to pick out the colors, carpets and counter tops. It is all on one floor and in a 55 and older community. It will be so good for them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

So glad the kids are back in school

It was a clear crisp morning which soon turned into a delightful day - warm but not hot. I paid the bills, cleared the sink of dishes, vacuumed and started the laundry all before hubby arrived home at 7:30. I walked youngest to the bus and after some cuddling with hubby I went out and planted my flower bulbs. 60 crocus bulbs and 60 assorted daffodil bulbs went in around the deck. I also weeded as I went. Ah, the anticipation of blooms in the spring.

Then I gave myself a pedicure.

I had asked hubby if it would be bad if I went to the movies this afternoon and arrived home after the kids. He replied, "who says you have to tell the kids where you have been?" I went to the book store first to pick up Ted Kennedy's memoir and birthday presents to send to Seth. The movie started later than it said on line so I headed to Michael's craft store. I want to make napkin rings for fall/thanksgiving. $3.00 a ring doesn't sound bad until you multiply it by 22. I found bunches of flowers half price. I can cut the bunches up and wind the flowers into rings. Total price should be under $6.00.

Then I headed to the movies. Julie and Julia. It was wonderful. I had read the book Julie and Julia a few years ago - long before the movie. What I didn't realize is that it was also based on the book Julia's years in France (or something like that) I had read that as well. I love biographies and if they involve food that is even better.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Better Mood

After soccer in the rain I did a little laundry and chilled on the couch. Oldest and I went to our fire department appreciation dinner. She's made friends there and was off in her own direction and I connected with the women. We laughed so hard. We also swapped child rearing stories which makes one feel not so alone.

I woke up on my own this morning - no alarm - no kids crawling in. That makes for a much more rested feeling. So after harvesting in Farmville on FB (I am so addicted but weening myself down) I sit and sip a cup of coffee.

Today is hubby's fire department picnic at the beach. It is chock full of lots of food starting with hot dogs and hamburgs for lunch and ending with steamers, lobster and steak for dinner. There is also clams on the half shell for son and I to enjoy.

But first, temple ended its summer hiatus last week and I couldn't make it because of the family picnic but today I will go and reconnect with my Goddess Sisters. It is good for my soul.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain & Yucky Stuff

This morning youngest woke up and crawled in to see if I was awake. I was then and not really ready yet. She wanted to know what was happening with the opening day of soccer. It happens rain or shine. So I spent a few hours watching soccer scrimmages in the rain. Well, part of it - my girlfriend brought her easy up tent that we sat under while her son played.

Hubby was using our bathroom this morning so I had to use the kids bathroom. I try not to as they are the ones who keep it clean. Any way .... I noticed someone had been bored while doing their business and took their pocket knife to the wall. A series of little knife points in the wall. Do I sound really annoyed yet? Go back and read that in a really annoyed trying to stay calm type of voice. So an hour this morning was spent with son crying. The tears don't work for me. I don't know why I did it. Yada, yada, yada. Is it school? No. Home? No Mom leaving? NO!!! Little hot there. I just get pissed anytime someone mentions my mom. Really, why? Then son tries to say it is because hubby didn't let him go see Uncle Jim before he died (two plus years ago). Maybe because we thought it was a ploy for bio to kidnap the kids. But, that is another story. So, after tears and venting and explanations and all that (and I managed not to yell and let hubby do most of the talking) the spackle is drying. Then son will be sanding and painting the bathroom. We did discuss many ways he could take out his frustrations rather than damaging the house.

Did I ever mention how much I hate bio? That 7 months after her departure we are still dealing with the repercussions. That for the rest of my children's lives the poison she has inflicted them with will continue to seep out when you least expect it.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I came home from work the other day to discover hubby had weeded my garden. He wanted me to check out the other gardens and let him know what could go. Yesterday he weeded some more, removed over grown brush and made life much nicer for a few trees we want to encourage growing.
I went to get dressed for work and there was an "oooh sexy" note stuck to my suit. A "good morning beautiful I love you note" inside my cell phone and another note in my wallet. He is just so sweet sometimes.

Kids are adjusting well to school. I'm adjusting really well. Last Friday I had a lunch date with a friend. It was good to share and laugh. Hail to the PPP. Saturday I went tag saling with a friend and then out to lunch.

Monday youngest and I went clothes shopping. It seems the jeans that fit her just a few weeks ago now look like capris. For the first time she actually cares what she is wearing and is trying to match. She even picked out a few skirts and a scarf to match. My baby is growing up and looking pretty good.

Today I am off to the grocery store. The family is getting a little tired of chicken which seems to be all that is left in the freezer.

And..... after missing my trip to the farm back in February because bio tried to snatch my kids I finally have a new date to go. Hubby is off columbus day week end and I am headed north to spend a week end with my girlfriend who actually has that week end off as well. Yeah!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of School

Oldest a junior, son a freshman and youngest 6th grade

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to school

Youngest came home from her first day of school and asked if she could start shaving her legs. She claims she is just sick of the hair but I suspect that her friends are now shaving.

Son and oldest came home with a bazillion things to be signed. We wonder why kids are so irresponsible - maybe because as a junior in high school mommy has to sign that she has read the syllabus.

My new tent arrived. After the rain issue at the WHC and the fact that my tent is some 30 plus years and I'm sick of crawling into a tent I can't stand up in I decided I was going to buy a new tent. Next day I get an e-mail from LL Bean that they are having a sale on all of their camping gear. Woohoo! It was sunny and beautiful so I son and I set the tent up. Youngest spent the night in the tent along with all of her webkinz.

I tested out two recipes from food network magazine. Aaron Sanchez's Mexican brownies and Ellie Krieger's double chocolate brownies. And drum roll please...... the Mexican brownies were preferred by 4 out of 5 family members. Son said as long as they were brownies he did not care. And Ellie's were really good don't get me wrong but.... you test them and let me know.

Hubby took me for breakfast and then he washed my car. Ah, the sweet sound of the school bus and silence.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life, Liberty and the pursuit.....

I found a new blog (thanks to Mrs. B) and I like her writing. Plus she has a really cool thing going on - comments for cans. Who says one person can't change the world. Check her out, leave some love and feed a hungry person all at the same time.