Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week in Review or Tidbits that I remember

A sliver of a moon, cool mornings and crisp fall air.

Youngest played her first soccer game of the season today - it ended in a tie. The ball was actually passed to her and she actually knew what to do with it. She's come a long way. Now that she gets it she wants to quit. We told her she had to finish out the season.
One of the girls in her class takes ballet - has for years. She is in the nutcracker each year.

Youngest thinks she should quit soccer and take ballet and be in the nutcracker and wear toe shoes. This all sounds wonderful but, I tried to explain that they would not be in the same class, that it would be years before she could be in the nutcracker and wear toe shoes and we make too much money to get free lessons. I did say that once sov=ccer ended I would try and find a reasonably priced class for her to try it. My fear is that she wants to please this girl more than take ballet.

Hubby went to open house with oldest at the high school. I thibk she was excited about showing Daddy the school. She received her CMT scores which were on line with the students her age. This is a vast improvement over her last CMT scores where she was below average. Not that I take much stock in these bubble tests as a whole but her improvement and confidence were definately reflected this time.

Son has decided that police explorers is not for him. He thought he would actually get to do police work. As explorers they fall under the child labor laws of the state and don't do much. He wants to join hubby on the rope rescue team. We explained that he would have to join the fire department to do that. He has agreed. He didn't want to join the fire department to begin with because the rest of us are on the department and he wanted to be different. This was the one condition for him to quit the police - he had to join something.

I'm making a dent in my to do list. Bathroom is scrubbed from floor to ceiling. Cobwebs are gone and the first floor is dusted. I need to copy a few CD's for oldest and I'm waiting the arrival of my order from Mountain Rose Herbs so I can make more soap and beauty products.

In spite of the freezes I've experienced in farmville - (I think they have worked out the glitches) I have managed to move up to level 20. The game is addicting but I have managed to ween myself down.

I even skipped lunch with the girls at work to go to the balance program. It is a nutrition program that work sponsors. The information is really good. A lot of which I am doing already and echoes the angel way of eating. And I even got my but back on the tread mill. The hardest part of the treadmill is getting on. My schedule changes so much with the kids that I find myself making endless excuses as to why I can't fit it in. Then I took the girls shopping - oldest needed new jeans. I saw myself in the three way mirror. Now there is a reality check. Wow!

Besides the jeans I also bought her a dress for the homecoming. And youngest who tagged along managed to get one more outfit out of me. Sales and coupons reduce my will power.

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