Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long list

I have a long list of items I'd like to accomplish today. Checked a bunch off including laundry and ordering more soap supplies. My neighbor offered me some fresh goat milk and I see an experimental batch of goat milk soap in the works.

Then hubby called and invited me to breakfast. To heck with the list - there are far more important and fun things to do. He finished work this morning for his three days off and I go back to work tomorrow for my three days on. He works nights and I work days - makes for a challenge trying to see each other.

This afternoon I pick up my cousin from the airport. She is spending a week with her mom and dad (my auntie DoDo and Uncle Johnny). Friday DoDo and Johnny celebrated 65 years of marriage. DoDo is in the processing of cleaning out the house they have spent 63 years in. Uncle Johnny suffers severe back pain from an old work injury and the medication has taken its toll on his mind. Some days he is bright and clear and other days.... She has sold their house and bought a condo. It is brand new - she was able to pick out the colors, carpets and counter tops. It is all on one floor and in a 55 and older community. It will be so good for them.

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