Monday, September 14, 2009

So glad the kids are back in school

It was a clear crisp morning which soon turned into a delightful day - warm but not hot. I paid the bills, cleared the sink of dishes, vacuumed and started the laundry all before hubby arrived home at 7:30. I walked youngest to the bus and after some cuddling with hubby I went out and planted my flower bulbs. 60 crocus bulbs and 60 assorted daffodil bulbs went in around the deck. I also weeded as I went. Ah, the anticipation of blooms in the spring.

Then I gave myself a pedicure.

I had asked hubby if it would be bad if I went to the movies this afternoon and arrived home after the kids. He replied, "who says you have to tell the kids where you have been?" I went to the book store first to pick up Ted Kennedy's memoir and birthday presents to send to Seth. The movie started later than it said on line so I headed to Michael's craft store. I want to make napkin rings for fall/thanksgiving. $3.00 a ring doesn't sound bad until you multiply it by 22. I found bunches of flowers half price. I can cut the bunches up and wind the flowers into rings. Total price should be under $6.00.

Then I headed to the movies. Julie and Julia. It was wonderful. I had read the book Julie and Julia a few years ago - long before the movie. What I didn't realize is that it was also based on the book Julia's years in France (or something like that) I had read that as well. I love biographies and if they involve food that is even better.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Aw Kim ~ sounds like a delightful day!

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