Friday, September 25, 2009

Start of A Four Day Week End

Today hubby and I are both home. Our schedules have been so out of sync lately I was beginning to wonder what he looked like. He has errands to do - like go to the dump.
I have grocery shopping to do.

Tonight we go to his cousins house for dinner. The kids are staying home. I'm bringing a lasagna. His cousin is making a salad and brownies for dessert. I made a batch of cookies and cream ice cream to top them. His cousin and girlfriend were so cute - the kids are welcome. I appreciate that but we have them 24/7 a night of adult conversation without little ears listening is heaven.

I have the sauce for the lasagna simmering on the stove. Two batches of ice cream are made. The kids are having lasagna and ice cream for supper.

Oldest picked up her class ring Wednesday night. And get this - bio sent a money order for half of the balance due. Oldest must have told her that we were making her pay her mother's half. Bio also sent a money order towards class pictures. We laughed about the money orders - we had told her no more checks because they tend to bounce.

When bio tried to snatch oldest and whisk her off to Arizona more than half the letter was about class pictures. She never gave us a change of address (still hasn't). She was going to make sure we received the order form for oldest and we were to send her the order form for son and youngest. The pictures were a really big deal. I suppose when you plan on never seeing your kids again it might be. We didn't go through the school for pictures - never will again. My girlfriend takes the best pictures.
Pause for a commercial break - she is at Signature Photography and if you need pictures taken check her out.
Any way, bio wants an 8x10 of each of the kids. She first asked that we pick the best picture and then she said she told the kids to pick the picture they wanted her to have. I'm telling you now those are two totally different pictures.

Of course when the letter arrived hubby and I were both nervous about opening it. Hubby finally had me open it - big chicken. What a shock to get money. Ah, but it was for oldest and pictures. The other may get nothing but she would come up with a million dollars if she had to for oldest. Not that I'm complaining - just shocked.

Youngest's soccer game tomorrow was postponed so we have a week end free. Well, almost free. Oldest and son are going to the homecoming dance Saturday night.

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Martha said...

Bio's whacked in the head.
I am glad you have a four day weekend and dinner w/friends planned.