Monday, September 28, 2009

low key week end

Friday night hubby and I went to dinner at his cousins.

Saturday youngest's soccer game was canceled. Oldest and son had the homecoming dance to attend. A friend's mom was driving them there and I picked them up. Saturday I spent working on the closet.

Yesterday youngest said - I know we have no money but can we go race go carts? I told her if she could find something that was free we could go. I'm getting a little tired of running all the time and entertaining children. At their ages they should be able to entertain themselves or at least come up with some ideas of what they might want to do. They rotated between TV, play station, my computer and reading. I baked three batches of cookies so I could mail some to a friend at school.

I also started to tackle cleaning "my" room. It is divided into my office, craft area and pantry. It is also the catch all room. The craft area is now reorganized and some stuff eliminated. Hubby complained that I filled the trash can too much. I better have him empty it now before I start on the other areas. The pantry is next followed by my office. Paper breeds and I dread the office cleaning. Normally I am super organized but with paper for me, the kids, the fire department and whatever else it is out of control in what seems like minutes. Besides the trash I've been filling the dining room with items for the dump. I'll have to go soon or we won't be able to walk in there.


Martha said...

I have started on my office cleaning too, ack.

Walk in the Woods said...

Funny ... the promise of the computer age was that of a paperless world. Yeah ... like free nuclear energy.

And people wonder why I question "authority."