Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Can you tell I've been really busy?

Monday I was off from work and managed to get the pantry cleaned out. The office still awaits but the bulk of my room is now clean. My pantry is also the depository for my camping gear, unused dishes and other sorted items so this is more than just rearranging canned goods.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked. Wednesday hubby took youngest to her soccer game and I stopped home long enough to change and grab a bite to eat. I was off to the fire house for our officer's meeting.

Thursday I had the day off. After putting youngest on the bus I headed to DMV to renew my license. I was in and out of their in minutes. The picture actually looks OK. I then spent the day in the kitchen - my favorite place to be. I was making beauty products though. I made a batch of what Rosemary Gladstar calls miracle grains. I call it an exfoliating scrub. It is gentle enough to use as a cleanser or it can be used as a mask. I add my own little twists to the basic recipe. I made toner, sugar scrub, a batch of lavender and lime soap and a batch of orange shampoo bars. Shampoo bars are a new "product" for me. I was inspired by a class at the women's herb fest. I can't wait to test them out. Soap (and shampoo) must dry for at least four weeks before using.

After cleaning up the kitchen I decided to try out a new gluten free cookie recipe I found. It is a keeper. The kids loved them. I enjoyed an evening with friends and they all asked for the recipe. They are chocolaty and chewy and just plain yummy.

As I put yet another mason jar in the bathroom (filled with my scrub) I thought to myself that I should buy some pretty jars to put my products in. On the way into the gathering with my friends I was handed a beautifully wrapped birthday present. When I opened it at home it was a beautiful canister with a spoon. Even better than I had imagined.
I never know - should you open presents when you get them or wait?
Any way, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Friday hubby worked evenings over time and then turned it into a double working the midnight shift. I came home from work tired with half defrosted chicken to fix up. Back into the fridge the chicken went and I loaded the kids into the car. Portabella's here we come! I had fettuccine carbonara with grilled chicken. Some time you just have to splurge. I came home put my jammies on and snuggled up with a good essay.

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