Monday, October 5, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Between the cat in my face and my hubby's snores (he was over tired from that double shift) I didn't sleep well Saturday night. Mother-in-love called to say happy birthday and she was so sorry she didn't have my card out in time. Her and father-in-love wanted to come down and drop it off. I suggested they come for dinner. She brought shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers. I made chicken pot pie with a full rainbow of veggies and we had some of my birthday cake for dessert.

I took the girls for hair cuts in the morning and son went with hubby to rope rescue practice. I spent the afternoon reading in the sunshine room. The spare room is painted bright yellow. As tired as I was I stayed up and finished my book. I can't walk a way (or sleep) when I am that close to finishing. I read True Compass, the Ted Kennedy memoir. I enjoyed the book. It was interesting to read his view on the events in his life both professionally and personally.

Hubby, born and raised in Massachusetts hates Kennedy. If you ask him why he can't give you a single reason. This annoys me. He bad mouthed the book the entire time I read it. He has not read it and I'm sure never will. Do I agree with all of Kennedy's politics? No. Do I think he always made the right choices? No. Does Kennedy? No. Kennedy's passion and strong family ties comes through and I admire him for that. On the other issues we can agree to disagree. Talking to MIL I see where hubby gets his no discussion of politics attitude. MIL says her other son and his wife don't talk politics either. What a shame. You should be able to discuss differing views.


annie kelleher said...

isnt that the truth! how can we expect congress to compromise and cooperate when close family members cant even discuss issues civilly?!

Martha said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend, Kim! My best wishes for the Happiest and Healthiest for you and yours, Martha