Saturday, October 31, 2009

Long Week

I spent the first three days as an accountant and the last two days substituting in the 5th grade. Sickness has run rampant in the school. Other than son with the sinus issues everyone else in the house has stayed healthy in spite of being exposed time and again. I contribute this to plenty of sleep, good food and all the herbs I've pumped into them. I started everyone on astragalus root when school started.

This morning we are off to youngest's soccer tournament. Oldest is spending the day with her boyfriend and son is helping with the haunted house at the fire department tonight. My girlfriend and I are taking her son and youngest trick or treating and then we are off to an open house hosted by friends.

BIL sent me a note. After making plans to come down for Thanksgiving his work schedule changed and he must work on Friday. With only having the one day off the five hour ride one way is too much to make in a day. I don't blame him - I wouldn't drive that either.

I limited MIL to three dishes to bring for Thanksgiving (this is two more than I'd like her to bring). She wanted to bring more as well as the tables and chairs and..... I wouldn't invite that many people to my house if I couldn't handle it. This is NOT the first time I have hosted this group and I have all I can do from screaming why don't you just bring the flippin' turkey and mashed potatoes too. Of course, if she did that I would go to my parents and cook for my family and let them do what they want at my house. I'm really hoping that hubby is working next thanksgiving. When he works I have Thanksgiving on Saturday or Sunday and then MIL is happy because she can host it on Thursday at here house. In the past that has meant the kids were at bio's and I went to her house alone.

The kids are off from school Monday and Tuesday for teacher in service. I see a whole lot of cleaning going on.

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. We are once again the same age. It is a whole 27 days that he is younger than me. He wanted spaghetti with meat sauce, Italian sausage on the side and garlic bread. I made a a golden butter cake with maple butter cream.

And today is my dear friend Rose's birthday. Happy Birthday you beautiful Goddess sister!

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Martha said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby and your friend! MIL has some control issues about this holiday. Best for a Wonderful All Hallows Eve!