Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Back

The farm was wonderful. Barb had the week end off and we talked and talked. Saturday we went to a museum in Syracuse and saw a few Monet's among other art work. Sunday we went to the salt museum. It used to be a big salt producing area and the museum told/showed the history. It was pretty cool. We visited an awesome garden center and some shops. It was so wonderful to get away and to catch up.

I came back to three days of work and night meetings. Today I'm off and there is snow. I'm making bread to put on top of the french onion soup that is simmering a way. Another friend is coming for lunch.

And maybe this week end I will catch up on all my blogs. I miss reading about all my friends. Hope its been a good week. Stay warm.


Walk in the Woods said...

OK ... Monet works of art in Syracuse? Syracuse??? I'm stunned there's even a museum there - I mean one of any semblance of ... culture.

Just sayin'...

OK ... so I have a bit of an inner-discerning-snob. Yes, it is she who teaches me to wield the double-edge tool-n-weapon of Judgement. I'm still an apprentice.

Anyway ...

Welcome home and I'm glad that you had a wonderful time! You stay warm too!

Martha said...

I just got back from a Girl's weekend, boy we really need it.
Sound like so much fun, Welcome Home!

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