Saturday, October 24, 2009

A week in review

After all the hullabaloo about Thanksgiving the drama is over. Hubby call MIL to tell her we decided to continue having it at our house and whoever could make could make it. She goes oh, I call your brother and the dogs will be fine in the garage so we will all be down. Maybe she should have called him first, or maybe she should have called us back. Either way life is good. My new dishes arrived and planning is in full swing.

I have survived Girl Scouts, subbing for the first grade class and the elementary school Halloween soc hop (aka. the scream fest). Youngest was thrilled to go "dance" with her girlfriends. I even managed to get on the treadmill three days. I stayed up past my bedtime and grocery shopped Thursday night. I have the rest of the groceries to get this week end sometime.

Today is off to closing day of soccer in the rain. I'm not sure why they call it closing day - next week is tournament games. Youngest will receive her trophy. In sixth grade they receive a trophy for participating. It doesn't matter if they have played one year or six. I think it is silly. A certificate would do. They don't receive anything for winning the tournament. Tonight she sleeps at a girlfriends house. Friends dad told both his kids that if they really, really cleaned their rooms they could each invite five kids to sleep over. Call me a mean mom but I don't care if she spit shines it - ten kids for a sleep over is NOT happening. Friend's mom didn't think so either - she's going out tonight and leaving dad with the twelve kids.

Oldest's boyfriend came for dinner last night. He is much, much, much better than the last one. Nice kid. She will out grow him rather quickly. I think the attraction is he is smitten and not intimidating in the least.

I need to call MIL. She wants to invite our oldest son for Christmas. She will pay for the flight and have him stay with her for the week. She wants to know if we mind. We don't mind. I'd be shocked if he left bio to come here. And we love him but we can't have him stay here. He is way to disruptive to the household. Son still hangs up on him every time he calls. I can't leave him alone with the other kids. It is really sad. I have let the guilt go. It is what it is. He's 21 with a maturity level of an 8 year old and one night is more than enough.

I feel like I woke up Monday morning and haven't stopped yet. Maybe next week.

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Martha said...

Twelve kids for a sleepover, Whoa...

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