Saturday, October 17, 2009


When I was little Christmas was my favorite holiday. Both sets of grandparents were there as well as aunts and uncles and friends. It was so much fun. As I grew up I loved picking out presents for people and wrapping and all the pretty bows and ribbons. As people's appreciation of a pretty wrapped gift dwindled and the hoopla of Christmas came on the holiday held little joy. Plus as I grew to love cooking and feeding people my favorite holiday became Thanksgiving. In divvying up the holidays among my family my brother gave me Thanksgiving until death do us part. OK by me.

I have the basic guest list and menu on the computer. I keep notes on how many people came and what quantities of food I need and so on. With hubbies schedule I've had Thanksgiving on a few Sundays. Last year we were able to have it on Thursday. My mother-in-love consented to letting me have the holiday because my sister-in-love was hosting her in-laws and my BIL was staying home. This year I asked if I could have Thanksgiving. She said yes. I've been joyfully planning ever since. Both SIL and BIL are coming this year with their families which means a guest list of 30.

Paper plates are OK for a picnic but not for Thanksgiving. Did I mention I have an obsession for things to match and look pretty. I have service for 22. So, this morning I went and ordered service for 8 more. I printed out the invitations and put them in the mail. I printed out the menu to review. I went over logistics with my mom. With that many a second turkey would be needed - could I come put one in her oven that morning. I even worked out what people could bring since they all insist on bringing something even though I ask them not too. Except for Aunt Debbie who is thrilled I want to cook and brings a nice hostess gift instead. Thanks for getting it. My family is pretty good to. They know how much I LOVE to cook. Mom always brings the rutabagas. Since I turned 18 I no longer have to eat them and I refuse to make them. Others however enjoy them so mom indulges them.

Then the call came while we were at youngest's soccer game. I was to call mother-in-love back about Thanksgiving. Have I mailed the invitations yet? Yes! I just bought dishes too. Well, BIL is coming and bringing his 3 dogs and ...... Well, it's OK we can just move the whole thing to my house. Your family is more than welcome to come. Will they? Well, my parents would (go any where) but, my brother probably won't. Well, I'll call BIL and see. We'll just move it here and it will be fine.

Fine? Fine???? I don't flipping think so. Nothing like putting me in a no win situation. I can't make people choose sides. If we stay home and host my family then my kids don't get to see their cousins. I don't get to see the family. If we go I don't get to cook or have the family here. The biggest joy I get for the whole holiday season is shot to h e double hockey sticks. I was so frustrated I could cry, no wait I did. Poor hubby, he doesn't know what to do. He was annoyed because he knew I asked weeks ago if I could host it. He knows how much I look forward to it. He knows how blasted pissed off I am. But, he doesn't want to start a family feud (and neither do I) and he has no idea what to do. Other than hug me and let me cry.

Am I a big baby, crazy, inflexible, wrong I ask? No says hubby. Are you sure? Yes, you asked weeks ago and Mom said you could host it. Uggh!

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Martha said...

I think your MIL is just a Little too casual w/these holiday plans. Tell BIL to hire a freaking dog sitter. How lame is it, that you can't leave home without your dog pack? Is he running the Iditarod on his way home? PUH LeeZe.
Tell MIL, have fun, see you next year!