Thursday, March 31, 2011

Braces and Break Ups

Last week youngest went to the orthodontist for her spacers. That didn't go so well. She was on soft food for a week. Everyone told her the braces were less painful. Hubby and I both went with her this week for moral support. The braces went on with no problems. She's a little soar still but is eating more foods. I'm still making cream soups for lunch along with yogurt, pudding, apple sauce and jell-o. Today she had pop corn. OK as long as it is once piece at a time and she doesn't eat any kernels. She is completely moved into her new room. I found bedding for my "new" room and have started cleaning out. A few furniture pieces need to go. Then hubby and I can paint and change the light fixture and move upstairs. Son and girlfriend broke up. He handled it pretty well. From what I can gather she broke up with him. It started as a friendly break up - grown apart type of deal. She even had him for dinner that night and they continued to talk on the phone. Then he found out that she was "all over some guy" before the break up. That really hurt. His job is going well. And the good weather has started up the air soft tournaments again so, he is happy. I'm so caught up at work that I took today off. I had nothing to do. My boss had nothing for me to do. Next week will be busier as clients mail in paper work and I have two new clients starting soon. I did work at home though. I have a pampered chef party tomorrow night and about 20 women are coming for dinner. So, I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom. I vacuumed the house and started prepping food. Laundry has been going on through out the day as well. I don't have normal PC parties. I actually cook and cook a lot. So the menu is... Mini vegetable quiches Tuscan White bean and sausage soup Moroccan Lentil Salad Edamame and Chicken Salad Chicken and Tortellini bake Beef enchilada casserole A Reuben bread ring Curried Turkey meatballs Pumpkin Spice Cake Double Chocolate Mocha Trifle Tomorrow I will finish cooking, set up the tables hubby is borrowing from the fire house and hoping everyone can make it with the blizzard they predicting. The weather men have said we will have anywhere from rain to 1 to 12 inches of snow. Gee, that about covers it. Gotta love New England. As you can see I'm so worried I haven't canceled my party.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She remembered and other stuff

Sunday bio called youngest - first time since oldest left over two months ago. Son answered the phone. I could hear his side and all bio wanted was to talk to youngest. He ran and gave her the phone. I hate to cut the conversation short (i mean the lies and all that but... ) we had to go. She came up with the phone and I played dumb - who was that? Bio. Really, it's been a few months did she finally remember she had more kids? (Yeah I really did say that - ooops) Son said, "yeah, I guess so."

In the car youngest said bio missed her. Really!? She hasn't called in months. Youngest -" she must be busy." How long does it take to make a phone call? Two minutes How busy can she be that she doesn't take two minutes to call you? Just think about that.

That was the end of the conversation. I didn't want to press the issue. And I tried to say it a little softer than I wrote. Bio I can see from the note on the desk wanted to give her the top secret e-mail she set up for her. She had e-mailed the info to oldest before she left. Oldest did give it to her but, she never bothered to check it. liltigerfire and the password is babylove. Well, it was when bio set it up. No one, especially some psycho nut job is setting up a top secret e-mail for any of my kids and sending them crap. For Valentine's day she sent e-cards. They opened up to a picture of your "present." She sent my 12 y/o a picture of beer (and one of candy, and a car). A beer.

And she still doesn't want to talk to her son. He's the one who keeps calling out there. He still can't believe his mom doesn't call any more now that oldest is there.

And we did have to go. I was headed to see my niece and nephew's karate tournament. She's almost four and a yellow belt and he's 6 and an orange belt. They both won metals (all the kids did) and my nephew took a second place trophy for his poses. Yeah!!

So, son and girlfriend broke up. They are still friends. He spent yesterday evening at her house. He seems to be doing OK.

Oldest's new room has one coat of primer and one coat of paint. One more coat of paint and that will be done. We already have the bedding and curtains so the rest will go pretty quickly. It's going from US flag blue to passionate purple. I really like it.

After nearly 70 degree weather here the end of last week we have snow again this week. Ahh, spring in New England. It's spring snow. The soft wet kind that melts rather quickly.

FIL is back from surgery in Boston. Say a little prayer if you will for his continued healing and for MIL who worries about him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bio and Leroyhesnotblack

Girl Scout Cookies delivered

I called MIL to see if we could take a ride up this week end to deliver cookies. She said they could take a ride down and pick up all the family cookies and pay for them. She'll collect as she delivers. This works out great as she will see everyone much sooner than we will. So, I said if they were coming down I'd make dinner. Everyone is trying to eat healthy and here is the menu

crab cakes
tossed salad
roasted asparagus
pork tenderloin in cherry sauce
flour less chocolate cake

FIL said I could add the crab cake recipe to my rhubarb pie recipe. No higher compliment can be given.

We had a really nice visit.

FIL is really hurt that oldest won't return his e-mails. I said as nicely as I could that they still see oldest as a sweet, caring, thoughtful girl and that is not the girl I lived with for the last six months. And now being with bio..... You can't get any more toxic than that. She unplugs the answering machine on the nights she thinks hubby may call. She hasn't called her kids in two months. Her kids can't even reach her by phone. Son has tried - youngest hasn't.

I'm off for a walk this morning and then settling down to file our tax returns.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drama Free

You can tell things have been quiet in my life by lack of blog entries.

Oldest is still not taking phone calls from hubby. She answered a few of his e-mails and then that stopped. He continues to call and write. From her facebook entries (that I see on her sister's page as she unfriended me) the honeymoon is over. Step dad is not the hero bio made him out to be and there is no grass on the other side.

Son got himself a job. He started this week washing dishes and busing tables at the local restaurant. It is really close to home which is nice. Yeah!!! Driver's ed will start soon and by the time he gets his license after waiting the mandatory 120 days he will have enough money for his car insurance. It was sure nice of his sister to leave him her car for nothing in return. He really lucked out. Him and girlfriend are still going strong. I still really like her. He's become more and more fun to be around with out bio's lil' spy around. And he's been really stepping up to the plate and doing things around the house without being told. There are rewards for that.

Youngest is floating along on her own little planet. I asked if we could go there on vacation because it is such a happy place. No, DUH! She's becoming affectionate again. That had stopped - I chalk that up to the age. She'll be 13 in April. She will be getting braces soon. Insurance doesn't cover it. Good thing they have a payment plan. OMG are they expensive. Thank the Goddess only one child needs them.

Hubby was reelected deputy chief of the fire department. And he's been really busy lately with cellar pump outs - lots of snow melting followed by lots of rain makes for a busy fire department.

I've been working and cooking and reconnecting with friends. I'm off to babysit my niece and nephew today. They are the cutest kids on earth (in my humble opinion).

Hope all is going well for you.