Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She remembered and other stuff

Sunday bio called youngest - first time since oldest left over two months ago. Son answered the phone. I could hear his side and all bio wanted was to talk to youngest. He ran and gave her the phone. I hate to cut the conversation short (i mean the lies and all that but... ) we had to go. She came up with the phone and I played dumb - who was that? Bio. Really, it's been a few months did she finally remember she had more kids? (Yeah I really did say that - ooops) Son said, "yeah, I guess so."

In the car youngest said bio missed her. Really!? She hasn't called in months. Youngest -" she must be busy." How long does it take to make a phone call? Two minutes How busy can she be that she doesn't take two minutes to call you? Just think about that.

That was the end of the conversation. I didn't want to press the issue. And I tried to say it a little softer than I wrote. Bio I can see from the note on the desk wanted to give her the top secret e-mail she set up for her. She had e-mailed the info to oldest before she left. Oldest did give it to her but, she never bothered to check it. liltigerfire and the password is babylove. Well, it was when bio set it up. No one, especially some psycho nut job is setting up a top secret e-mail for any of my kids and sending them crap. For Valentine's day she sent e-cards. They opened up to a picture of your "present." She sent my 12 y/o a picture of beer (and one of candy, and a car). A beer.

And she still doesn't want to talk to her son. He's the one who keeps calling out there. He still can't believe his mom doesn't call any more now that oldest is there.

And we did have to go. I was headed to see my niece and nephew's karate tournament. She's almost four and a yellow belt and he's 6 and an orange belt. They both won metals (all the kids did) and my nephew took a second place trophy for his poses. Yeah!!

So, son and girlfriend broke up. They are still friends. He spent yesterday evening at her house. He seems to be doing OK.

Oldest's new room has one coat of primer and one coat of paint. One more coat of paint and that will be done. We already have the bedding and curtains so the rest will go pretty quickly. It's going from US flag blue to passionate purple. I really like it.

After nearly 70 degree weather here the end of last week we have snow again this week. Ahh, spring in New England. It's spring snow. The soft wet kind that melts rather quickly.

FIL is back from surgery in Boston. Say a little prayer if you will for his continued healing and for MIL who worries about him.

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Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

So sad that this bio doesn't appreciate her children. ((HUGS)) to you all.
Sorry I've been MIA, really been down the rabbithole.