Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drama Free

You can tell things have been quiet in my life by lack of blog entries.

Oldest is still not taking phone calls from hubby. She answered a few of his e-mails and then that stopped. He continues to call and write. From her facebook entries (that I see on her sister's page as she unfriended me) the honeymoon is over. Step dad is not the hero bio made him out to be and there is no grass on the other side.

Son got himself a job. He started this week washing dishes and busing tables at the local restaurant. It is really close to home which is nice. Yeah!!! Driver's ed will start soon and by the time he gets his license after waiting the mandatory 120 days he will have enough money for his car insurance. It was sure nice of his sister to leave him her car for nothing in return. He really lucked out. Him and girlfriend are still going strong. I still really like her. He's become more and more fun to be around with out bio's lil' spy around. And he's been really stepping up to the plate and doing things around the house without being told. There are rewards for that.

Youngest is floating along on her own little planet. I asked if we could go there on vacation because it is such a happy place. No, DUH! She's becoming affectionate again. That had stopped - I chalk that up to the age. She'll be 13 in April. She will be getting braces soon. Insurance doesn't cover it. Good thing they have a payment plan. OMG are they expensive. Thank the Goddess only one child needs them.

Hubby was reelected deputy chief of the fire department. And he's been really busy lately with cellar pump outs - lots of snow melting followed by lots of rain makes for a busy fire department.

I've been working and cooking and reconnecting with friends. I'm off to babysit my niece and nephew today. They are the cutest kids on earth (in my humble opinion).

Hope all is going well for you.


Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like a nice dose of well-deserved harmony has been restored to your world. I am very, very glad for that!

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Sounds nice and calm. Glad son is stepping up to the plate. ((HUGS)) re.driver's ed.