Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies delivered

I called MIL to see if we could take a ride up this week end to deliver cookies. She said they could take a ride down and pick up all the family cookies and pay for them. She'll collect as she delivers. This works out great as she will see everyone much sooner than we will. So, I said if they were coming down I'd make dinner. Everyone is trying to eat healthy and here is the menu

crab cakes
tossed salad
roasted asparagus
pork tenderloin in cherry sauce
flour less chocolate cake

FIL said I could add the crab cake recipe to my rhubarb pie recipe. No higher compliment can be given.

We had a really nice visit.

FIL is really hurt that oldest won't return his e-mails. I said as nicely as I could that they still see oldest as a sweet, caring, thoughtful girl and that is not the girl I lived with for the last six months. And now being with bio..... You can't get any more toxic than that. She unplugs the answering machine on the nights she thinks hubby may call. She hasn't called her kids in two months. Her kids can't even reach her by phone. Son has tried - youngest hasn't.

I'm off for a walk this morning and then settling down to file our tax returns.

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Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I stocked up on cookies, yummy. It is sad that bio is such a loser. I feel badly for her children who might think it's their fault.

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