Friday, May 27, 2011


Hubby flew out Wednesday morning.  Spent the day on planes, drove two hours and checked into the hotel.  He made it to oldest's graduation ceremony.  He was able to stand where the graduates entered onto the field for the ceremony.  He called her name and after the initial shock she just beamed.

Bio walked right by him without seeing him.  Understandable when not expecting him to show up.  He said hello and she was civil.  Introduced him to the new hubby and step son.  He said they were friendly and the step son was full of questions about police work. 

Nothing was planned for the next day so hubby took oldest and oldest son along with his girlfriend to lunch.  Afterwards he took them into the mountains for some sight seeing.  Neither kids had seen any of the sights since arriving,  And oldest son had been their over two years.  So, hubby spent the afternoon with his kids.  Oldest was thrilled to see him. 

Bio gave oldest her sims card from her camera and hubby was able to make a disc of pictures from the prom and graduation.  He also had his camera for graduation as well. 

Hubby needed to go.  And oldest needed him to come.  It was a win-win situation. 

And now she is looking at the community college in general studies.  She's not sure what she wants to be.  So, all the nursing talk is out the window.  That's too bad.  I know she really wants to work with kids so maybe something will come of that.  At least she's trying to continue her education. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gee, I wonder

Oldest e-mailed her teacher and said she was worried about youngest.  Youngest doesn't answer her messages on facebook.  Oldest really got along well with this teacher and they have kept in touch since she moved on to the higher grades and since moved.

Let's see - you tried to mother youngest - and mother in the sense of  bio type of mother - not the nurturing type of mother.  You made your sister lie for you and keep secrets.  You have not called the house once since moving.  Your messages claim that you and bio miss her soooo very much.  No phone calls, no letters, no birthday card, no birthday present, nothing but a rare facebook message.  Oh wait, the birthday present you told her was being sent on her birthday now a month later you tell her hasn't been bought yet.  But as soon as the town opens up for tourist season bio will be sure to buy her a gift and mail it.  Oh wait, will that be right after she sends son his present.  I mean after all his birthday was in December.  And bio herself told him she was sending him the boots he wanted.  (The ones we bought last summer) 

Let's see bio has called once since you moved.  That five minute conversation caused youngest to have nightmares for a week.

When you moved youngest sighed a big sigh of relief and said, "I'm glad she's gone.  I don't have to lie and keep secrets any more."   A week ago a teacher asked her if she missed you.  She came home to tell us.  And asked what her answer was she said, " Not at all."

So oldest, your sister is just fine.  Actually her and your brother are doing great since you left.  They are calmer, the stress you put them under is gone.  School is going great.  She loves her new room.  She loves being honest.  She loves being able to dress the way she wants, say what she feels and wear her hair the way she likes it without you tattling to bio.  You may miss your sister because you are alone in hell but, hey that was your choice.  If you want to believe all the lies bio feeds you go right ahead.  But, your sister isn't buying it from her or from you. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

care packages

Next week is our adopted nephew's birthday.  He worked in Florida for the winter and is now at his summer job in Utah.  So, we put together a care package with sunscreen and after sun, home made toner and lip balm and cookies - lots of cookies.  Milk chocolate chip with walnuts, white chocolate chips with macadamia nuts, peanut butter and Wheaties cookies.  He should be in cookie heaven for a few days at least. 

After a week of phone tag my J (EC) and I finally connected.  I can't believe it's been so long since he came to dinner.  We were supposed to have a family picnic in March and when that didn't happen time just slipped away.  So, he'll be coming in June for a cook out.  He said he wanted hamburgers on the grill.  So, I will be make a bunch of side salads he can take home in his care package.  Some home made vanilla ice cream (he loves that) and something else sweet for dessert.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This morning hubby and I went to PPT meetings for both son and youngest.  The reports were glowing.  Son is doing really well except in the classes he doesn't like.  He knows the material but doesn't put in the effort (he is so my brother).  But, he is the leader in group work, mature, professional and polite.  He is do for his testing for eligbility in the program next year.  The expect he will test out of special ed.  He is in two co-taught classes at the moment and the rest are general level.  He does not take advantage of any of his available resources now.  And next year he will be in class in the morning and ROTC in the afternoon.  He is determined he will be a marine.  He even runs every afternoon with an ALICE pack on. 

Youngest struggles a little bit but not from lack of effort.  Her teachers are impressed with the amount of effort she puts into her work.  They keep trying new techniques to help her with the subject matter.  Her reading level has come way up.  The fact that she reads all the time is a bonus to all of her subjects.  Like her brother she is not big on group work or socializing much.   We voiced some concern over a couple of the boys in her class that distract her - the same ones who pester her on the bus.  They said they would look into that.  But, they related that one of them made a comment she didn't agree with in class and she stood right up to him and the rest of the kids in class backed her.  Her teacher says she does participate in class and has no problems voicing her opinions (gee, where does she get that from?).  They said they noticed even at lunch she will give an opinion and back it up and that other kids are looking to her as a leader of what is right and wrong (in a very good way).

So, it was good reports all the way around.  And then hubby treated me to breakfast.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday we received an announcement in the mail for oldest's high school graduation.  Hubby was in tears.  He wanted to see her graduate.  Then go I said.  But the money....  And some things are more important than money.  We will figure it out. 
Well, I just wanted her to finish and graduate here.  I know - but you fly out and surprise her.  What about my work schedule.  We checked the calender and he is not working.  I checked prices on flights and hotels.  By tomorrow night you decide if you want to spend one night or two I said.

So, round trip airfare $390.10, hotel for two nights (with a gym and breakfast) $118.10, car rental $65.91 for a total of $574.11.  Watching your daughter graduate high school - priceless.

And the fact that she doesn't know he's coming - even better.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good and Bad

Sunday my brother and his family along with my parents came over.  My brother was taking a bed, two closets, a swing set and two trees.  It sounded simple enough.  Hubby took the closets apart for easy moving.  The swing set needed a little help as the bolts were hard to remove but a little WD-40 and two men with tools and it came down and was loaded into the truck.  Then the trees.  They fell right where they should have (yeah) and then branches were hauled to the burn area.  Logs were loaded onto the trailer.  Even the kids helped.  And when they were tired youngest made them lunch and kept them occupied.  Some five plus hours later the simple job was complete.  Sun was shining where once it was extremely dark.  This should help with the lawn.

It's been 4 months since son's birthday.  It's been three weeks since youngest's birthday.  The week of son's birthday bio told him should would send him the boots he wanted as a gift.  I guess he knew she wasn't serious because he didn't bother to tell her we had bought them the previous summer.  Still waiting on a card or a gift or something.  Oldest asked youngest what she wanted for her birthday in a series of instant messages.  On her birthday she posted a sweet happy birthday from all the family in Arizona.  She listed everyone.  She also stated her present was in the mail.  Yeah, OK.  I'm sure bio told oldest she would get something for youngest.  Oldest still believes her.  I think I'm more upset than the kids.  I just don't get it.  And if you are not sending anything - keep your mouth SHUT!!!  So, since January 19 the kids have talked to bio once.  She doesn't call, she doesn't write and yet, she is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  OK, I guess that is what really irks me.  I'm the one they expect to take care of them and spoil them and she is their hero. {and for the record the less contact they have the better off they are - you can see it in them} [and the one time she did call and talk for five minutes youngest had nightmares for a week]

But,.....  I'm the one getting hugs and kisses.  And I'm the one watching them grow.  And I'm the one molding them into productive adults.  And that makes it all worth it.

Today my mom and I are off to visit my cousin and her new baby.  I had fun picking out all kinds of cute baby girl outfits.  I finished the needlepoint last night.  We will stop and pick up a frame on the way.  I'll try and remember to take pictures.