Friday, May 27, 2011


Hubby flew out Wednesday morning.  Spent the day on planes, drove two hours and checked into the hotel.  He made it to oldest's graduation ceremony.  He was able to stand where the graduates entered onto the field for the ceremony.  He called her name and after the initial shock she just beamed.

Bio walked right by him without seeing him.  Understandable when not expecting him to show up.  He said hello and she was civil.  Introduced him to the new hubby and step son.  He said they were friendly and the step son was full of questions about police work. 

Nothing was planned for the next day so hubby took oldest and oldest son along with his girlfriend to lunch.  Afterwards he took them into the mountains for some sight seeing.  Neither kids had seen any of the sights since arriving,  And oldest son had been their over two years.  So, hubby spent the afternoon with his kids.  Oldest was thrilled to see him. 

Bio gave oldest her sims card from her camera and hubby was able to make a disc of pictures from the prom and graduation.  He also had his camera for graduation as well. 

Hubby needed to go.  And oldest needed him to come.  It was a win-win situation. 

And now she is looking at the community college in general studies.  She's not sure what she wants to be.  So, all the nursing talk is out the window.  That's too bad.  I know she really wants to work with kids so maybe something will come of that.  At least she's trying to continue her education. 

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Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

That sounds like a really special time for your hubby and his children. I wish her and you all the best.