Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This morning hubby and I went to PPT meetings for both son and youngest.  The reports were glowing.  Son is doing really well except in the classes he doesn't like.  He knows the material but doesn't put in the effort (he is so my brother).  But, he is the leader in group work, mature, professional and polite.  He is do for his testing for eligbility in the program next year.  The expect he will test out of special ed.  He is in two co-taught classes at the moment and the rest are general level.  He does not take advantage of any of his available resources now.  And next year he will be in class in the morning and ROTC in the afternoon.  He is determined he will be a marine.  He even runs every afternoon with an ALICE pack on. 

Youngest struggles a little bit but not from lack of effort.  Her teachers are impressed with the amount of effort she puts into her work.  They keep trying new techniques to help her with the subject matter.  Her reading level has come way up.  The fact that she reads all the time is a bonus to all of her subjects.  Like her brother she is not big on group work or socializing much.   We voiced some concern over a couple of the boys in her class that distract her - the same ones who pester her on the bus.  They said they would look into that.  But, they related that one of them made a comment she didn't agree with in class and she stood right up to him and the rest of the kids in class backed her.  Her teacher says she does participate in class and has no problems voicing her opinions (gee, where does she get that from?).  They said they noticed even at lunch she will give an opinion and back it up and that other kids are looking to her as a leader of what is right and wrong (in a very good way).

So, it was good reports all the way around.  And then hubby treated me to breakfast.

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Walk in the Woods said...

A fine report, all around. :)