Monday, June 29, 2009

Phone Calls and Packages

Seth called last night to talk to oldest. He called long after youngest was in bed. Son was mad that he only wants to talk to his sister. He's not very fond of his brother to begin with. The sad thing is that oldest doesn't want to talk to Seth either. There conversation only lasts a few minutes and then bio gets on the phone. It just amazes me that a mother would only call to talk to one child.

The package she has been promising them for months finally came. It contained books and a camera. The camera is so they can take pictures of just the three of them without hubby and me in the picture. OK How is bio getting the pictures? She told the kids to mail the camera back. What? Duh! Is there something wrong with our cameras I asked. I bought rolls of film and you have use of three different digital cameras in the house. What an odd thing to send me thinks.

She was also going to send oldest a cell phone. That way she can call her at all hours of the night to harass her. Bio is blocked from oldest's cell phone requiring her to call the land line. And she still manages to avoid the rest of the kids.
I don't get it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm home

We arrived late yesterday afternoon from our vacation to Maine. We had one sunny day, one day we had to wear our raincoats and the rest of the days were cloudy. Youngest thinks the sun never shines in Maine. In spite of the gloomy weather we had a great time.

We visited museums of all types - auto, Native American, art, wood carving and whales. We walked through several small towns checking out the shops and local artists. Son loved the wood carving museum. He was able to spend time alone with the resident wood carver and take home a started wood carving with directions. We also bought him a kit. His grandmother had bought him wood carving tools a couple of years ago when he spent an afternoon with another wood carver. Oldest loved visiting the potter. The potter gave her a tour of her work area and some tips. Oldest just completed ceramics 1 and will be taking ceramics 2 this year at school.

The first day we headed to Belfast hoping to catch up with a high school friend. He was biking for the American Lung Association. We never made it there that day. Instead we went up in the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory. It is one of three in the world and the only one in the Americas. It is 420 feet high or 42 floors. The view was amazing even with the cloud cover and we were able to view osprey nests and a peregrine falcon nest box. Once at the top the elevator broke. We spent two hours talking to Lynn the guide before the "correct" people showed up. They were the only ones allowed to call the fire department to stop traffic on the bridge as the emergency door opens onto the bridge. We walked down the 42 flights of stairs. Youngest and I rode in the ambulance and hubby went in the rescue truck with son and oldest back to the parking lot. For a family of fire fighters this was fun and we took pictures of their equipment and asked tons of questions. We ran into Lynn later in the week and as of Wednesday the elevator was still broken. We received 5 free passes to Maine state parks before touring Fort Knox (named for the same man as the one in Kentucky).

Hubby took the kids to see Transformers on opening night. I stayed home and read.

We went to the lumberjack show and watched lumberjacks and jills compete. The jills won. Several of the lumber jills compete with the chicks with axes tour that goes all over the world. Youngest was able to go on stage and try the two person saw. It was a lot of fun.

When we did finally make it to Belfast we went in a used book store. Jackpot!!! I found two old pharmacology books. I'm still grinning.

We also spent time in Acadia National Park and saved the sunny day to go to the top of Cadillac Mountain. Thunder hole was great to see in the mist as the water was really churning.

Once I download all the pictures I will have to post a few.

While I was away Bill "Oatmeal" O'Meara passed from this life. We graduated high school together. Peace Bill!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On my mind

Work is almost over for the week - one last bank reconciliation to do while I'm here in my pj's. It's for one of the accountants at work. I couldn't say no after he helped balance my nightmare account.

Youngest's teeth are all fixed after her little incident with the baseball bat. The dentist doesn't think their is any permanent damage. Woohoo!

Hubby and I are off tomorrow. I have a list of things to accomplish before we leave. Most of the items are in preparation to leave. But first, our date will start with renewing our pistol permits. We have such romantic dates. Then I will run our dog Sammy up to mother-in-love's so she can watch him for the week. My parents will tend to the cats and the plants. Hubby will take a nap as he is working tonight.

Then bright and early Saturday morning we will be off. I will be unplugged. So, it may be a while before an update.

Thanks for all the support with bio and have a great week my dear readers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The week end was great. Youngest went to a sleep over birthday part. Hubby, oldest, son and I went to the drive in. We met a group of my friends there to see Up and Night at the Museum. It was a lot of fun. Sunday I puttered around the kitchen all day.

Today I went for my mammogram. I'm all set. The year stretched into 18 months and I think I'm going to tell the doctor every other year. If they are going to screen me for anything it should be heart disease or Alzheimer's which both run in my family.

Then I was off to spend the day with a friend. We were finally able to coordinate schedules. It was cold and rainy so we slipped swimming for a long walk. We then headed back to her place to make lunch. What a fun relaxing time.

I gave the kids the master packing list this morning. The excitement is building and bags are being packed. They are all trying to guess where we could be going. They will know soon enough.

Bio told youngest hubby is an a#$hole for sending her to summer school and that he should have consulted her first. That not to worry because next summer she will be in Arizona the entire summer and not have to do something as foolish as summer school. What?! Summer school is four days a week four four weeks. It is 3 hours a day. Youngest is going into 6th grade at a 4th grade reading level and we should consult bio about making sure youngest gets a good education. I think not.

Bio claims she is going to mail the kids cameras to take pictures as long as hubby and I are not in them. We all have cameras and we told the kids that we can download the digital pictures and have them developed and mailed directly to their mother. Oh. Why would we not let the kids take pictures? Why would we not give them cameras for vacation? The women is nuts! And I think the lids realize that as well.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Count Down Begins

Three more days of work until vacation. Oldest and son have four days of school. Youngest has five. Of course oldest is taking exams while youngest has field day and pizza parties. Son goes to school until Thursday but Monday night is his promotion ceremony. We told him it was up to him if we went. He wants to go. That surprises me because he chose not to go to his class picnic or the dinner boat cruise.
I think promotion ceremonies are the silliest waste of time. They have them now for nursery school, 6th grade and 8th grade. In son's case it means he can walk from one end of the school to the other. All of his elective classes are already in the high school. This ceremony has been added since I attended the school. It is brought on by parents who think we need to make our kids feel good. These are the same parents that give every kid in 6th grade a trophy for soccer. A certificate for participation I can understand but, a trophy. You get the trophy weather you have played one year or seven. It means what?
Back to the count down. Laundry is in full swing - it always is. Mail has been stopped. The cats and dog have sitters lined up. Maps were printed. Restaurants and things to do were researched and put in the folder. I am oh so ready to go.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad's 69th birthday. The new convertable is under wraps as it is raining. So much for our first spin in the new car.

I love both of my parents and I took things way from both of them but, if you ask who I am most like it would be my Dad. As other people complain they sound like their Mom - I sound like my Dad. I even warn the kids I am about to have a Dad moment. Which means they should really clean their rooms good.

We share a love of sports cars, travel and over analyzing everything. I'm not quite as anal as my Dad but maybe a real close second. He worked hard when we were growing up - sometimes two jobs but he insisted that if you play hard you need to take a break as well. We took a week every year as a family and went away three or four week ends a year. Dad and Mom were both involved in what we did as kids. Boy/Girl scout leader, chaperon for square dancing, and they were at every swim meet. We worked as a family. If the lawn needed mowing we were all outside doing some part.

And Dad made sure we knew the importance of an education. That was our number one job growing up. As Dad would say, no one can take that away from you.

So, happy birthday uglier than me! I love you! Ha, when I write it you can't come back with ain't nobody.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

New Week

Last week the fever broke but the cold lingered. I did only what I had to. I'd come home from work put on my pj's and was in bed really early.

Friday night was Girl Scout night. We stayed just for the ceremony and then youngest and I raced to bed. She bridged from juniors to cadets and earned a whole bunch of badges hubby needs to sew on.

Saturday we invited hubby's cousin (EC) and his new girlfriend for dinner. I woke up feeling better than I had in a week thank the Goddesses. I was off to the biweekly grocery shopping after we had a family house cleaning party. I puttered in the kitchen all afternoon so that dinner would be ready when they arrived. I made crabcakes to start, dinner was a grilled pork tenderloin that I marinated in my homemade Italian dressing, roasted asparagus and shrimp risotto. For dessert I made chocolate cup cakes with peanutbutter frosting. Dinner was a hit and they were happy to take leftovers home.

Just as they arrived and I was putting the finishing touches on the risotto youngest thought she was far enough behind son when he was playing baseball. Not really. She came screaming into the house the blood dripping. He came in repeating that he didn't see her. She confirmed it was an accident. So hubby was off to the ER as I entertained our guests. The lip took one suture. This morning I took her to the dentist. Once the lip heals they will fix the chipped tooth next week and the specialist will then evaluate her for nerve damage. Youngest's biggest concern is that the boys at school might tease her. She handled it really well. She refuses to take the hospital braclet off. It must be some badge of strength at this age.

Sunday my parents had an impromptu picnic. My cousins from Colorodo were there as well as my brother and his family. As we were picking up my brother said he was taking his kids on a hike after they pick up their dog. We had no plans so we tagged along. I hadn't realized my kids have never been to the top of Haystack Mountain. There is an old stone tower at the top and you get a great view of the surrounding towns.

In less than two weeks school will be out for the summer and we will be on vacation. The count down has begun.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I listen to my co-workers talk about their parents. I won't repeat the stories as they are not mine to tell. All I can say is oh my. I called my mom on the way home and said, "I just want to thank you and Dad for being independent fiscally responsible adults and I am so glad you are both healthy."

My parents worked hard all of their lives. Dad started planning his retirement when he was 16. As soon as he had medical insurance he retired at age 60 and 3 months. For the past 9 years they have traveled the United States for a month in the summer. They winter in Florida and spend the rest of the time here in CT. They have an active social life and I actually like it when they travel. They check in then and I actually get to talk to them. They have now seen all 50 states and are returning to places they want to spend more time. They have no debt and live well within their means. I could care less about inheriting anything. I hope they enjoy every dime they've earned and every moment they have in this life time.

We don't always agree but they love me unconditionally and have always been there when I needed them. I'm glad they don't need me now but, when they do I will gladly be there for them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fever broke

I woke up yesterday feeling blah! I had been awake every hour or so first freezing and then burning up. I went to work of course. We have two people in my office going in for aggressive chemotherapy - one they expect to be in the hospital for 6 to 8 weeks. Feeling blah is not going to keep me home. So, every joint ached, I felt like I was breathing through a sponge and I had a slight fever. I ate supper - that hubby made - and went to bed. I didn't even wait for everyone else to finish. I slept all night and the fever is gone. I still have a nasty cough but I can live with that. Youngest crawled in bed with me. She always does when I don't feel good. It is so sweet that she cares how I'm feeling.

I'm off today and have a to do list to tackle. I'll start with the most pressing items in case I decide to nap instead of finish the list.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Day

You may remember that for mother's day I reminded the kids that they should send a card to bio. I finally got the card out and had them sign it before I mailed it to her.

Last night youngest asked when father's day was. In a few weeks when we are on vacation I said. Why, did you want to do something. Yes, she replied, I want to make him a really big card. Now, she is my non crafty kid and here she was pulling out all the paints, stickers and gel pens. I had to keep hubby out of the kitchen. The paint is still drying this morning. She covered the card in hearts. Once it dries we will pack it up to "surprise" him.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dude Ranch

I'm back. I have to admit it was fun. It was much more enjoyable than the last dude ranch trip. We had beautiful sunny weather which helped a great deal. The girls went on a trail ride both days (i went just once), played laser tag, climbed the rock wall, did the obstacle course, swam, rachery, learned four new line dances, saw a nature presentation and a magician and danced until midnight. The food was good and in two days I put on 5 pounds. They earned three badges over the week end and had a lot of fun.