Monday, June 8, 2009

New Week

Last week the fever broke but the cold lingered. I did only what I had to. I'd come home from work put on my pj's and was in bed really early.

Friday night was Girl Scout night. We stayed just for the ceremony and then youngest and I raced to bed. She bridged from juniors to cadets and earned a whole bunch of badges hubby needs to sew on.

Saturday we invited hubby's cousin (EC) and his new girlfriend for dinner. I woke up feeling better than I had in a week thank the Goddesses. I was off to the biweekly grocery shopping after we had a family house cleaning party. I puttered in the kitchen all afternoon so that dinner would be ready when they arrived. I made crabcakes to start, dinner was a grilled pork tenderloin that I marinated in my homemade Italian dressing, roasted asparagus and shrimp risotto. For dessert I made chocolate cup cakes with peanutbutter frosting. Dinner was a hit and they were happy to take leftovers home.

Just as they arrived and I was putting the finishing touches on the risotto youngest thought she was far enough behind son when he was playing baseball. Not really. She came screaming into the house the blood dripping. He came in repeating that he didn't see her. She confirmed it was an accident. So hubby was off to the ER as I entertained our guests. The lip took one suture. This morning I took her to the dentist. Once the lip heals they will fix the chipped tooth next week and the specialist will then evaluate her for nerve damage. Youngest's biggest concern is that the boys at school might tease her. She handled it really well. She refuses to take the hospital braclet off. It must be some badge of strength at this age.

Sunday my parents had an impromptu picnic. My cousins from Colorodo were there as well as my brother and his family. As we were picking up my brother said he was taking his kids on a hike after they pick up their dog. We had no plans so we tagged along. I hadn't realized my kids have never been to the top of Haystack Mountain. There is an old stone tower at the top and you get a great view of the surrounding towns.

In less than two weeks school will be out for the summer and we will be on vacation. The count down has begun.


Laura Rose said...

So glad you're feeling better!! Dinner sounds divine. And yikes, poor youngest!

Darcy said...

! I didn't realize you were that sick! I guess I would have if I called more often, huh?

I hope the youngest is going to be okay! Holy cow! She's a brave little one! How bad is the tooth? He is so sweet to be concerned about her being picked on at school. What a sweetie! The kids are coming along nicely. You must be very happy that the household is turning into a "normal" household. You certainly had your share of needless trouble.

Any word on camping with me? We could both use a few days away I'm thinking! :0)

Martha said...

Please come and visit and let's cook together. Or I will visit your beautiful part of the country. Meal sounds delish. Sorry for the lip trauma.

Walk in the Woods said...

Glad you're feeling better!