Thursday, June 4, 2009


I listen to my co-workers talk about their parents. I won't repeat the stories as they are not mine to tell. All I can say is oh my. I called my mom on the way home and said, "I just want to thank you and Dad for being independent fiscally responsible adults and I am so glad you are both healthy."

My parents worked hard all of their lives. Dad started planning his retirement when he was 16. As soon as he had medical insurance he retired at age 60 and 3 months. For the past 9 years they have traveled the United States for a month in the summer. They winter in Florida and spend the rest of the time here in CT. They have an active social life and I actually like it when they travel. They check in then and I actually get to talk to them. They have now seen all 50 states and are returning to places they want to spend more time. They have no debt and live well within their means. I could care less about inheriting anything. I hope they enjoy every dime they've earned and every moment they have in this life time.

We don't always agree but they love me unconditionally and have always been there when I needed them. I'm glad they don't need me now but, when they do I will gladly be there for them.


Martha said...

Lovely post, I am very appreciative of my parents also for many of the same reasons.

Darcy said...

That is really awesome. I hope they know how you feel about them. I think they'd be proud. I know I would be. I know I'll never be in the same comfort zone they are. It's nice to see that they planned and made correct financial and health choices in their lifetime. Too many of us and the generation before us lived in the NOW. Which is why they and we have nothing! It's nice to hear that old values were practiced and TAUGHT!