Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Day

You may remember that for mother's day I reminded the kids that they should send a card to bio. I finally got the card out and had them sign it before I mailed it to her.

Last night youngest asked when father's day was. In a few weeks when we are on vacation I said. Why, did you want to do something. Yes, she replied, I want to make him a really big card. Now, she is my non crafty kid and here she was pulling out all the paints, stickers and gel pens. I had to keep hubby out of the kitchen. The paint is still drying this morning. She covered the card in hearts. Once it dries we will pack it up to "surprise" him.


annie kelleher said...

oh that is so sweet and so cute!!! you are so wonderful to those kids, kim... you really are fairy stepmother in disguise :)!

Martha said...

That is so sweet about the Father's Day card. You are such a good Mommy to your children.

Kathy said...

Parent is more than a title and a pattern in the DNA. You and your hubby are great parents.

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