Monday, June 29, 2009

Phone Calls and Packages

Seth called last night to talk to oldest. He called long after youngest was in bed. Son was mad that he only wants to talk to his sister. He's not very fond of his brother to begin with. The sad thing is that oldest doesn't want to talk to Seth either. There conversation only lasts a few minutes and then bio gets on the phone. It just amazes me that a mother would only call to talk to one child.

The package she has been promising them for months finally came. It contained books and a camera. The camera is so they can take pictures of just the three of them without hubby and me in the picture. OK How is bio getting the pictures? She told the kids to mail the camera back. What? Duh! Is there something wrong with our cameras I asked. I bought rolls of film and you have use of three different digital cameras in the house. What an odd thing to send me thinks.

She was also going to send oldest a cell phone. That way she can call her at all hours of the night to harass her. Bio is blocked from oldest's cell phone requiring her to call the land line. And she still manages to avoid the rest of the kids.
I don't get it.


annie kelleher said...

wow.... it is so great she moved so far away... too bad you can't send her some of rose's Poof-Be-Gone salt...

Martha said...

Kim, sweetie, you don't get it because you are not Whacked in the head like bio. What a lame excuse of a human being, just ugh.

mrsb said...

Wow. She sounds like a piece of work!

Kathy said...

Too strange.

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