Friday, July 3, 2009

My sons

Seth will be 21 in September. He has the maturity level of an eight year old. Son does not like talking to him and hangs up whenever he calls. For one Seth calls him Tug. It was a nickname son had as a baby that he has long out grown and a name he loathes. Bio still calls him this. Last night son was up late watching a movie with permission from hubby. Seth called at 9:45. Click. Then Seth leaves a message on the machine. "Pick up, I didn't call you Tug - I was talking to Mom, pick up, what are you afraid to talk to your big brother, chicken - cluck, cluck, cluck. Fine I will hang up and call back until you pick up."

Now our household goes to bed rather early. It was unusual that son was up or at least not in his bedroom. It was more unusual that I was awake. The phone is turned off in the bedroom so I barely hear it ring. It was after this that I picked up the phone. Seth explained that he wanted to talk to son but he keeps hanging up on him. Gee, maybe he doesn't want to talk to you ( I thought). I said, "he's in the middle of a movie." Then Seth asks what the girls are up to. Youngest is sleeping. Then the light bulb goes off and he realizes that it is late here. Well, have son call me in the morning. Now, I will give son the message but I will not make him call his brother. And I will not play the answering machine message for him - that will only piss him off further. Understandably so.

And bio talked to youngest this week. Want to know how I know? Not only was it on the caller ID but youngest had a nightmare and crawled in bed with me.


Laura Rose said...

oh no, I guess distance only help so much.

mrsb said...

Poor little one! Don't you wish that the toxic people in your life could just magically be better? (Or perhaps just go away quietly and stay there?)

Martha said...

Gosh, that's Horrible. Can your restraining order includes phone calls?? My goodness, this is a pyschological nightmare.
Happy 4th to you and yours.

Kathy said...

I'm sorry you all have to deal with this.

Happy fourth to you all.