Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Days Blurr Together

Thursday I dropped oldest off with her Aunt so her and her cousin could babysit. I also made cowboy cookies for to take along, brownies, mint chip ice cream and potato salad. Dinner was Hawaiian kielbasa from the crock pot, potato salad and a broccoli stir fry. We followed that with brownie sundaes.

Friday I met a friend for lunch. We ate and talked and had a wonderful time. It had been far too long since our last visit. I really need to make a point to get together more often.

Then I took youngest to the beach. She was in the water the entire time we were there. I swam and read and enjoyed the sun and sand. I called her in so I could get supper ready and before I burnt to a crisp. Even with SPF 50 my chest is a little red.

Then it was home to get the fixings ready for make your own pizza night. Four very different pizzas were cooked and enjoyed. Youngest and I headed to Riverton for the free Friday night concert series. Riverton seems like it is its own town but I know it is part of Barkhamsted. Mad River Crossing was playing - a combination of folk songs and gospel. Youngest made friends with one of the band members sons and the played with his Nintendo while listening to the music.

Saturday I got some work done. I also loaded more music on youngest's MP3 player. I then downloaded and ordered pictures of vacation. The kids each picked the pictures they wanted for their scrapbooks and what they wanted me to send to bio. I still need to order prints for the family album. I resisted throwing a picture of hubby and I in bios set. Youngest did pick one out with her Daddy in it already. And bio's strict rules is that she wants no pictures with Kim or Dad in them. But, as I thought about it - it was our family vacation and Hubby and I are present in everyone of those pictures whether we are visible or not. Isn't the photographer somehow in the photo? So, I ordered the prints and had them mailed directly to her. Mean wicked step mommy would never allow the kids to take pictures and send them to her. For less than $5.00 I made the kids happy and proved bio wrong once again.
And it was sunny out again - yeah! Off to the beach with youngest. Son wanted to take a nap as he rode on duty with his dad the night before. She swam, I read a little and swam a little. The Auntie called saying cousin was not feeling well - could I pick oldest up a day early? So, I called youngest in from the water a little while later and we headed back to Becket. Becket is the half way point and we all get to visit with grandma (mother-in-love) which is always a joy!
We got home late for cooking so I made it a leftover night. Now the fridge is clean and the pork tenderloin can marinate a little longer.

Auntie and family are going to the Cape the first week in August. They invited all three of our kids to join them. They have three children as well. Win - Win! The kids get to see cape cod and hubby and I get to see each other. Yeah!


Walk in the Woods said...

Lookin' forward to that first week in August I'll bet!

Martha said...

Sounds like a delightful time w/the family. Delicious too!
Bio sounds like something from Desp.erate Ex House.wives.

Darcy said...

Did you get my invite to our cookout/clambake. Maybe you and hubby can come and join us. I understand though your time to be alone. You so rarely (if ever) are. Maybe that's the secret to your happy marriage! LOL! maybe we should try never being alone! LOL!

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